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This post is for all my friends dealing with dry and dull hair. I myself deal with it time to time. Too much heat, too much cold and then the rainy season in-between, there is no shortage of reasons for lifeless hair. But a good hair care routine can take away a great deal of woes. And this I can say out of my personal experience. A good shampoo and conditioner coupled with hair spas and oil massages can work wonders for one’s hair. It’s all about how we take care of our hair. At the end of the day, we ourselves can only help ourselves.

My latest find is the Dove Oxygen Moisture Range. The new range of shampoo & conditioner with innovative Oxyfusion Technology leaves hair nourished, smoother and as result, the hair looks thicker and healthier.Beauty blog India


Price Quantity
83 80 ml
176 180 ml
292 340 ml



Price Quantity
91 80 ml
194 180 ml

Availability: At all retail stores near you.

Consistency: Transparent, lightweight.

Dove Oxygen Moisture Range- Shampoo & Conditioner Benefits

  • Achieve both moisture and volume at the same time.
  • A lively bounce with regular use and hair care.
  • The Oxyfused moisture ingredients instantly disperse on the hair. The formula gently cleanses and nourishes the hair. The conditioner moisturises the hair and restores smoothness and the hair looks thicker.
  • The Dove Oxygen Moisture Range leads to both- well moisturised hair and natural volume.

P.S: Always use a conditioner post shampooing the hair. Apply it generously over the entire hair length focussing on the tips. Leave it for 1-3 minutes and wash thoroughly. The more you’ll care for your hair, the more it’ll love you back. Go for regular trimmings to get rid of dry, damaged hair at the tips. Cover your hear under direct sun and make oiling a part of weekly routine. Have a happy hair.

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