10 Life-Altering Nail Tips Every Girl Should Know

easy nail tips at home

easy nail tips at home

Some of us swear by the beauty of our nails. Some of us travel Far East to get that perfect manicure. Some of us spend most part of our salaries for a prim n proper nail trends. But why waste so much of money when you can get the job done at home. It not only saves you the money, but the time which is far more precious in today’s quotidian routine. Here are some Life-Altering Nail Tips to get the job done in a jiffy and without spending our major fortune.

  1. Scotch Tape. It’s been shouted from the roof but Yes, Scotch tape is the easiest way to get a French manicure at home. Apply the tape on your nails to get a guideline for perfect French nails.
  2. Nail stickers. It cannot get easier. Just get some nail stickers from the store and paste over clear or coloured nail paint.
  3. Nail Art Pens. Decorate your nails the way you like. The fine tip lets you design with ease. The easiest hack for funky nail designs.
  4. Make your own glitter nail polish. This is a very interesting nail hack. Buy some glitter from a craft store and pour it into a bottle of clear nail polish. The sparkly nail polish is ready. Don’t forget to shake well before every use.
  5. Apply white nail paint as a base coat under neon coloured nail paint for a perfect pop out effect.
  6. Create a polka dot effect by using the backside of your bobby pin. Use the pin as a tool to create thin to thick dramatic dots. Another good use of your pin if you’ve just chopped your hair.
  7. Store your nail paints in the fridge to keep them fresh. A cool bottle of nail paint will cool your mind too.
  8. Pour some nail paint remover in a big mouth jar and drop some cotton balls in it. Squeeze the cotton balls to hold just enough nail paint remover to remove the nail paint. You can keep on adding fresh cotton balls as you exhaust the exiting one. This saves you from searching for a cotton ball every time you want to remove the nail paint. Life can be made simple by being intelligent.
  9. Wear gloves while washing to help the nail paint stay longer. Who doesn’t love well-manicured nails that last a week?
  10. Wet your nails before cutting or filing. It’ll be a lot easier and lesser messy. The nails won’t fly away and you’ll be saved from extra cleaning.

These easy to do nail tips can get you beautiful nails right at your home. You can get a manicure done once in a while. That pampering session at the salon need not be compromised. But in this fast pace life, a frequent salon visit may not be possible. At the end of the day, these DIY Manicure tips only come to the rescue.

Try these nail tips and let me know the story of your beautiful nails.

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Tanya Virmani

Pic source: thebeauty-full.com

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