Maybelline New York Baby Lips ‘Spiced Up’ range

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My 2 shades: Spicy Cinnamon and Tropical Punch.

The favourite Maybelline New York Baby Lips just got an upgrade. The new range of lip balms is called the Baby Lips Spiced Up. Exotic and vibrant, let’s have a close look at these newly launched flavours.

beauty blog India
The three quirky flavours- Spicy Cinnamon, Tropical Punch and Berry Sherbet.
  • The lip balm comes in 3 variants: Tropical Punch, Spicy Cinnamon and Berry Sherbet.
  • The Spiced up range moisturises and protects at the same time.
  • Promises of a long lasting color.
  • The zesty flavours are available in intense, dark shades to suit varied Indian skin tones.
  • Made for the Indi-pop generation that’s always on the go.
  • The lip smacking colors always add a punch. The translucent color has a smack up effect.
  • Enriched with coconut oil, Vitamin E and SPF20.

Price: Rs 175/-

Availability: Maybelline New York counters, retail stores.

While Maybelline Baby Lips in Electro colors is quite a rage, these new variants surely add some spice to the everyday subtle looks.

Let’s Expresso advices:

  • Carry a lip balm always with you in your handbag. Instant remedy for dry lips and a sure shot way of adding sheen to your lips.
  • A coloured lip balm is a 2-in 1 answer. It protects lips and adds a dash of color too.
  • Colored lip balms are perfect for everyday shine and color. A break away from bold lipstick shades.
  • Pick one with SPF for added sun protection.
  • A good brand always helps.

My Experience with the Spiced Up Lip Balms

beauty blog India
My 2 shades: Spicy Cinnamon and Tropical Punch.

I have tried the 2 shades: Spicy Cinnamon and Tropical Punch. Both of them have a nice balmy effect and a translucent sheen. I particularly like the Tropical Punch for its dark strawberry color. A lip balm is my personal favourite for a change against bold lipsticks. Apt for everyday use as it just adds a hint of color and care.

Have you tried any of Maybelline Baby Lips range? What do you love most about the lip balms? It’ll be good to hear in the comments below. 

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