5 Seductive Eye Makeup Tips To Fall For!

eye makeup tips
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Eye makeup is very versatile. Just not in terms of the products, shades, colours, types but also on how it’s worn. Some dramatise their eye makeup to look loud and bold, whereas others like to keep it simple and subtle. Right from how you want your lashes to be portrayed long & fuller, curvaceous & short or maybe thick & curly to the liner lines, the kohl, the shadow and everything else, there is a bit of learning curve. There is so much of permutation and combination available that it is quite easy to feel lost. While the eye makeup routine can vary from person to person, with these simple yet tried and tested eye makeup tips with pictures and suggestions you will soon be on your way to getting the look that your heart desires.

Eye Makeup Tips

Let’s begin with the easy and helpful eye makeup tips :


  1. Mesmerise with Mascara:
    Eye Makeup Tips
    Applying Mascara in the right way is a key element of eye makeup tips. Pic source: allure.com.


When shopping for mascara, you ought to know what look you are after. The key element to mascara is the different brushes.

So here are a few tips for that sensuous and seductive look you desire.

  1. If you want your eyelashes to look longer and fuller, always buy mascara with a thicker brush.
  2. If you want curvy and short eyelashes, buy mascara with a longer and curved brush.
  3. If you want to have thick and curly lashes, first use the mascara with the thick brush and then work on the edges with the curved brush.
  4. Whenever you apply the mascara, first brush the lower lashes and then upper lashes.
  5. When brushing the upper lashes, press the brush on, swish it to the right first and then to the left to get an even look.

You could use the Revlon Lash Up or the Mac Black Extreme, it gives that much needed volume, and there you’ll have the long luscious gorgeous lashes that will set the hearts beating. Louder and faster.


  1. Enthral with Eye Shadow
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    Pic Source: ashleybeautyblog.wordpress.com

Eye Shadows are tricky. They can either make or break a look. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind before choosing the eye shadow is your complexion.

For your eye shadow to do wonders the perfect colour is extremely important.

eye makeup tips with pictures
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If your skin type is from Type-I to Type III, you can experiment with most of the shades, but it’s good to avoid lighter shades of pink.

If your skin type is from Type-III to Type VI, always use darker shades and highlight it with a tinge of a lighter shade in the end. It will emboss your eyes and make them look super sexy.

So go for the shade according to the complexion and look. You could consider L’Oreal Paris, Mac, Maybelline or Oriflame- they have a lot of shades.

  1. Go Flirty with Kohl (Kajal)
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Thick kohl lines are always a no, they make you look older and get smudgy as well. Eye makeup tips for applying a kohl are:

  1. Always draw a thinner and sharper line. It will highlight your eyes and added that oomph to your look.
  2. Keep the line short. It looks great any time of the day.
  3. Always use a pencil Kohl, to have perfect sharp lines (Colossal Kajal will be the perfect buy). Pencil or crayon kohls are the easiest and quickest to apply, an eye makeup tip for small eyes to swear by!


  1. Embellish with Eye Liner
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Eye liner is a must, to complete your look.

  1. Try using a dry liner if you can find one.
  2. If you have a liquid liner, make a thin and semi visible line, dark lines are old school.
  3. If you want to have smokey eyes, use a little powder foundation over your eye lid before applying the liner. It will lock the look and you will rock with dark, gothic eyes.

You could use the eye-liner from Mac, it lasts long and doesn’t harm your eyes. Mac also has a gel eyeliner for that swift and dark look.


  1. Shimmer it with Glitter
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If it’s a party at a club or a cocktail evening, little bit of bling will do wonders to your overall look.

Some glitter eye makeup tips are:

  1. Never use too much of glitter, that makes your eyes look small.
  2. Use glitter just above the liner. Don’t mix it up with your eye shadow.
  3. Use a glitter pencil instead of a liquid, it lasts long and doesn’t spread. You could consider using NYX Eye glitter, they have too many shades to choose from.

With just the right glitter, you’ll dazzle with your eyes and sizzle hearts wherever you go.

So now that you are set, play up with your eyes and make everybody turn green with envy.

Happy Make-upinggg Gorgeous! Here’s really hoping that these eye makeup tips go a long way in keeping you bold and beautiful. Any doubt, please let me know in the comments below.

This post has been written by our lovely Singdha Biswas specially for Let’s Expresso readers.
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