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Rati is a total stunner!

With the advent of digital media blogging has become a full fledged business. When talking about beauty blogs in India, we cannot miss the popular and informative It is the leading beauty blogs of the country and a super favorite of many.

Founded in 2009 by Rati and her husband Sanjeev, the blog has grown manifolds. It would not be wrong to say that the blog is their beloved baby. It is Rati’s love for make-up and beauty that led to the formation of the blog. Currently which is popularly known as IMBB is the biggest women’s blog on the internet with more than 700 writers. Apart from successfully running in India, the blog is also available in Dubai and Philippines.
Rati is a total stunner!
If it’s about makeup & skin, it’s here.

Trust us when we say that Rati and Sanjeev is a total power couple and give us all relationship and life goals. The blog has become a rage on various social media platforms. With more than 3 million followers it is a name ladies vouch on.

From beauty hacks to product reviews, DIY ideas to tips and tricks, there is a lot going on the blog every time. You’ll be amazed to see that there is something for everyone on the blog. Domestic beauty brands to high end international brands, you’ll find it all on IMBB.

The product reviews though are the most liked. They are highly detailed which is a great thing. Price, packaging, swatches and the overall experience is shared by the writer, making it informative. As a consumer you get to know about the product that you are planning to buy and an honest review certainly helps.

Faux Pas
Rati’s personal accounts on Faux Pas.

You can also read a lot of lifestyle articles. For example – beauty hacks every girl should know, facials and their effects, easy hair packs, top fashion magazines of the world etc. The main focus though remains on beauty and makeup. It is great to see the blog being so informative and unbiased. So if you or I are planning to buy the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm, we can see the swatches and read a detailed review on IMBB or if you are planning to get your hands on the new eye shadow palette from MAC, then the review would be on IMBB too. Giorgio Armani, Street Wear, Maybelline, Lakme, Chanel, Elizabeth Arden and many more can be found on IMBB.

Personal & informative tales for the readers.

Off late I’ve seen that a lot of IMBB writers have started getting inclined towards international or high end brands. The catch being that purchasing luxury products every time is not at all feasible. Maintaining a balance between the high end brands and the budget friendly ones would be a good thing.

Rati herself is a total style diva. Her fashion and makeup sense is beyond exceptional. You can also follow her personal blog where she writes about travel, lifestyle and beauty- Faux Pas.

So the next time you plan a make-up haul, make sure you read the reviews on and invest your hard earned money in the right makeup to shine all the way.

Have a Happy Makeup!

Tanya Virmani

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