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The Royal & the Classy Peacock Collection.

When mornings are dewy and spirit lustrous, there is a place for only beauty and things alike. In such a place, the Bluestone BlueBookFever runs high and the sparkle of the diamond becomes the sparkle of the eye. In such a place…. I live!

BlueStone.com, the leading online jewellery brand is a house for the most fine jewellery in stunning designs. These designs speak, literally! Give an occasion, festival, mood or just some love, there is a piece of jewellery in every shape and price. With a user-friendly shopping experience, you can even get to try their jewellery at home before you decide to say a Final Yes. The brand cares for its customers and their loyalty.

  • With more than 3000 designs to choose from, perfection is the key parameter.
  • Customers can customise the product’s diamond clarity or the gold colour to suit their needs.
  • The in-house award winning team pays attention to all the finest details for each piece of jewellery.
  • 30 day money back policy, lifetime exchange on products, loyalty programmes are some of the offerings for the best user experience.
  • The brand stands for “Pure Jewellery for Real Love” and lives fully to its commitment.
    Jewellery blog India
    My cute little goodie box by Bluestone.com.

The Bluestone Blue Book Fever

For the love of its customers and to make meaningful jewellery experiences, Bluestone has launched the Blue Book which is a Look Book to showcase how the beautiful jewellery can be worn in the most fancy and trendy manner. The Blue Book is a jewellery style guide for three occasions- Festive, Romance and Work Wear. The Blue Book is based on three interesting themes – WEDDING BELLS, COSMO CULTURE and LOVELORE. This guide will ensure a stunning you from dawn to dusk. Have a look at the Blue Book Here and like me, get infected with the #BlueBookFever.

The Peacock Collection

As the name, as the beauty in it! Inspired by The Royalty, this Blue Feather Collection from the Royal Gardens is a treat for the senses. The collection salutes all of us, “Since we are all royal, in our own special ways.” And when they sent me these stunning pieces from this new launched collection, I had my reasons to awe. They are not off me since then. Some pieces take away a portion of your heart with their utter simplicity combined with their royalty. These jewellery pieces say alot about the wearer- confident, witty and Oh so classy!

Jewellery blog India
The peacock pendant and earrings .
Jewellery blog India
The Royal & the Classy Peacock Collection.


Jewellery blog India
Many moods weaved through the single emotion of beautiful jewellery.

Style it anyway, from a function to a girl’s plan.

This is my Bluestone story. This is my Bluestone love. If you’ve had a similar experience with a piece of jewellery, the comments below await your story.

Happy Jewellery to you

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