Winter – With a color splash !

I do not love winters – I do not like to shiver, wear tons of clothes , sip endless cups of teas and coffees and in short- hibernate. But aah, the season arrives every year and takes away my colorful summers …

So, this year I choose to paint my life and hang loose in the united colors of winters … No more shades of black and white and grey to add further gloom to the mood,but instead ,I’ll sport blue and yellow and orange and take the leap ahead. Let’s make it stylish!

My definite checklist:

-Great coats in purple, mehroon , green , red

-Jumpers in pink , indigo ,yellow

-Colorful socks in stripes

-Skirts in shades of dark pinks, violet

-Knee high Boots in navy blue ,rust : great over jeans and midi skirt .

-Mufflers in prints, colorful streaks

-Blankets with patchwork of colors

-Berets and caps , ultimate topping this season

-Fur bags and clutches

To pin up the mood, layering will work wonders and the deposit of pink over blue with a multi-color scarf will augment not only the look but the winter mood aswell . The endless coffee rendezvous and the long wintery nights will heighten up the fun and the quietness of the freeze. It will surely be entertaining to play with colors and looks and work on the shortcomings of summers. It will be time to totally pamper the sun kissed self and shield it with the stylish winter wear .The life will no longer be stuck in the monotonous five color wardrobe but instead thrive to break free in splashes of rainbow .

So,all you friends out there, it’s time to hit the shopping spree and discover the whole new winter palette and don’t worry if you realize a whole new color or two –  for its time to showcase the winter Best ! Go, grab the wind and the mood !

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