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Winter Style Trends

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We are all enjoying the little nip in the air. And with Diwali nearby, winters officially start. My not so favourite season but I love it for its style trends. The boots come out and the skin turns brighter. The red nose and the bright sunlight becomes a killer combo. The coffee and the endless conversations- my my!

  • Comfort fabrics like wool and cotton. Stick to them for their warmth and comfort. Fabrics play an important role in determining the cut and flow of any garment. Cotton and wool help in giving the winter feel.
  • Exuberant color palette. Highlight the romanticism by hues of mulberry, sapphire, emerald, grey and black. The Winter Style by Monte Carlo is all colors and broken into seven theme based collections. The range includes timeless Nehru Jackets, blazers, sweatshirts, suave trench coats, track suits, blazers and coats.
    Winter Style Trends
    Monte Carlo Alpha
  • Pashmina and Cashmere shawls. There is nothing more stylish than a Pashmina or a Cashmere shawl. Don’t restrict them to marriages and parties. Take them out for afternoon get-togethers and coffee catch ups. Walk in elegance and let your shawl do the talking.
  • Dresses, tunics, shrugs, ponchos. Style yourself in fuss-free, chic cuts and glam top to toe. Dresses and tunics are available at all the big stores. Throw a shrug or a poncho and walk in style.
    Winter Style Trends
    Monte Carlo poncho
  • Stoles and scarves. Delicately wrap yourself in solid colors and bold prints this season. Choose from infinity loops to larger than life scarves and snuggle in them.
    winter Style trends
    Monte Carlo Scarf
  • Checks and plaids. The winter feels the most in checks and plaid prints. Play with colorful stripes or black and greys and let them run vertically and horizontally.
  • Thermals. Keep yourself totally warm and choose from basic black, white and greys to some colorful ones available at a store near you.

Look sassy and high spirited throughout the season. Play with style trends and make your Winter wardrobe fun and colorful. No more just blacks and whites but a cocktail of reds, browns, pinks and oranges. Wrap yourself in chic style and flaunt till eternity.

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