Why sustainability is the need of the hour?

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A stunner from the brand Khinkhwab.

Whether you are dressing for a function, a business meeting or a casual day at home, it is imperative to find pieces that are durable, comfortable, and still meet your sophisticated routine.
In recent years, sustainability has become a catchphrase and turned many heads. A lot of sustainability activists including me mushroomed up. Just as consumers currently are taking a closer look at the food they consume and the ingredients they put inside their bodies, they are also shifting their purchasing choices to create a cleaner environment through the clothes they wear.

Yes, sustainability is the need of the hour and many have joined the movement. Time you do too!

The crusade to make the fashion industry ecologically sustainable has been continuing for a while now. But, with the COVID occurrence, the request for the industry to adopt sustainability as a whole and not just in parts has enhanced. A lot of voices from the industry talk about how post COVID-19, sustainability has to be the central driving factor and not just an added element.

I spoke to Nida Mahmood just when the pandemic had struck. She advocated sustainability as the need of the hour and how her collection ‘Madam Marigold’ was all about circular economy and zero waste.

You must read the interview here: Tanya interviews Nida Mahmood on Madam Marigold & Sustainability

Let’s look at what some more eminent fashion designers have to say on the topic:

Nanki Papneja, Founder and Creative Director at Limerick by Abirr n’ Nanki
From fewer fashion weeks to helping fast fashion slow down, post COVID-19, the fashion industry is set to see sustainability take the centre stage. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries and with this pandemic a reckoning has come for all of us. It’s time for brands to commit to a responsible resource use and rebuild the whole fashion ecosystem based on responsibility, sustainability and respect.

Payal Jain, Designer
COVID-19 has come as a serious wakeup call and change is the only way for us to sustain and survive. Let us become conscious of the needs of our planet and understand the difference between need and greed. We need to be mindful of what we buy, how much we use and discard, and how much goes into the landfill. Let us together reduce, recycle, revive and reinvent.

But the most important question is, Why sustainable fashion is the need of the hour? Let’s look into that as well.


A study from 2015 shows that 97% of what goes into manufacturing clothes are new resources, with only 3% of it being recycled materials.
Sustainable fashion brands believe in circular economy and reduce the impact of waste products by using all that is discarded.


Do you know that the worldwide pool of fashion brands emit a hefty quantity of greenhouse gases per year? These gases contribute hugely and actively to worldwide warming. The extensive majority of our cherished & loved garments inclusive of polyester, acrylic & nylon (test your apparel labels, you will be surprised) heavily use petroleum for production. These fibres require appreciably extra electricity for manufacturing than herbal or recycled fibres. 


This may be news for you but its true. The fashion industry loves to kill animals for fashion. A common fallacy is that leather for instance, is a by-product of the meat industry. However, this is not always the case. You’ll be shocked to know that it’s assessed that the leather industry alone is slaughtering and killing over 430 million animals per year. 


Water, our reason for existence is a chief resource for the fashion industry. It is used in the dyeing and finishing development for nearly all of our clothes. It takes an incredible amount of 2700 litres of water to produce a single T-shirt. Cotton in particular is highly dependent on water, but is usually grown in hot and dry areas where water is a scarce resource already. 

Sustainable brands & eco-ethical brands advocate for providing humane working conditions, health care and fair wages for their workers. These fair wages are above average wages. We all want to feel great about our clothes. This should also include feeling great about knowing under what conditions they were made. Just the way we care about the conditions under which our food was made, it’s imperative to know the working conditions of people who made our clothes. The well-being of people involved in making our clothes is as important as the animals around, don’t you think?


Fast fashion is a waste of money in the longer run. The clothes are cheap, worn once or twice and thrown away. Sustainable pieces are worn for longer times, they create a sense of purpose year after year and prove to be cheaper in the longer run.

Let’s hope that the world realises the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry. It’s our duty as netizens to spread this word. Share this blog and let’s make a small change and contribute our bit to the global economy. For more such informative blogs, follow me on Instagram and Facebook. It’s good to stay connected over the social media; makes the world a smaller place!

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Take Care!


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