Why I promote jobs over own businesses | My 5 reasons

I have many youngsters coming to me with dilemmas and concerns about the hot topic: “Should we go ahead with a job or start our own business?”

My straight answer to them is, ‘Go ahead with a job.’ That doesn’t leave them happy most of the times but by the end of the conversation they are pretty sorted with the way ahead.

Here are my 5 reasons why I promote a job over own business.

1. Stability. You can plan your life with a steady monthly income. You know your expenses, earnings, investments, and you can plan your life ahead. It’s a lot sorted in life this way!

2.Learn the tricks before taking the leap of faith. Learn, learn and more learn by getting your hands dirty in a job. Pull the plugs yourself so that you can do all that is needed for a successful business later.

3.Fun working with brands. It’s always fun working with different brands. There is so much to learn that it’s not funny. There are so many challenges, breakdowns, missed opportunities, demotivated days and at the end of it is a rainbow that’s beautiful.

4.Work Life Balance. I know this sounds contradictory. We all complain of a zero work life balance in the corporate world. But there is a different way to look at it too. Weekends are off, national holidays are yours and you can take a leave or two and evaporate too.

5.Exposure. HUGE is the word here. Depending on the brand you work with and your thirst to work and learn, there is no dearth of exposure and opportunities. Everyday is a new challenge and every moment can be life shaping.

A corporate career has its challenges too. There are toxic work environments, target pressures, unbearable bosses, demanding deadlines, harassing colleagues, non understanding management and so on. So are the challenges with your own business. But every challenge comes with a silver lining. At any point in your life you can start your business or a start up but begin with a job and see how it goes. There is no dearth in earnings provided you’re good at what you do. Perhaps people are earning more than businessmen at their jobs. So it’s on you at the end of the day to make it count.

P.S: I am not against starting your own venture. Go ahead and do it. All I’m saying is that analyse before you decide. I’ve seen people struggling in their businesses all the time. I’ve seen successful businesses too. Pick your side wisely.

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