What to wear at work

What to wear at work

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Dress & address matters a lot in today’s environment. Gone are the days when factory/office /sports dress were just a symbol of modesty cover. With the purchasing power index rising & consumers with more disposable income – today even the blue collared factory worker wears uniform with seams /falls/lapels /buttons /logos- all designed by the best in trade designers. The sports arena is flooded with high end brands to take care of the promotional logos & designer logos  from head scarves to foot wear & socks, each accessory is designed with precision & art. The office dress is further subdivided in week dress, Friday dress & the casual Saturday dress.

The best in class attributes for What to wear at work are:

#Check the dress code of your office for length of the skirt & sleeveless top.

#Dress to be appropriate for the office.

#Flirty & strapless summer dresses are not appropriate & a big NO in the office.

#Wrap dress & divided dresses are best for commuting /working in office.

# Dresses that have empire waist can hide areas that one feels not to be accentuated.

# Pleated skirts give grace to the look.

Pencil heels are ok if the wearer is short & has to walk less in the office, else regular heels are advisable for comfort & style for work wear for women .

A big dilemma is faced by office goers if the stage is to be changed from office to party environment. Such situations require the tips from the dress/ancillary designers. The prime question is what to wear at work  & get the outfit garnished by accessories to make it a party presentable, the best tips are :

Throw some jewellery to change the look from work to party.
Throw some jewellery to change the look from work to party.

1.     Always select dark color dresses, as it can immediately transform your look from office to party by slight garnishing (make up & few add on accessories, like jewellery, belt around the waist, open hair etc) to make you more presentable, without any challenge .

2.     Change your footwear from flat for the day to heels for the party.

3.     A scarf around the neck & carry a big natural cosmetic –SMILE.

4.     Leave your laptop & handbags in the (secured parking) car /office & carry a classy branded clutch, to boost your tempo /presence.

To be presentable is not desirable but essential in today’s world. Even back home the dress in kitchen too adds flavor to the food, the night dress & bed sheet adds appeal to the sleep, the morning gown adds value to first cup of day (bed tea) & enhances/boosts & energizes the spirit of the target audience & enables him /her to be more enthusiastic for the day ahead.

Dress is the key to stardom/happiness/performance/commitment & above all building relationship; similarly DRESS DESIGNERS are the key catalysts/facilitators for individual personality/ performance/pitching accounts & are similar to having your own physician for health & ailments.


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