What is Phulkari ?

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What is Phulkari ?

The work Phulkari means making flowers on a fabric. Phulkari is an ancient embroidery technique originated in the ancient India that is now Pakistan. This art is also practiced on a large scale in the state of Punjab. Phulkari or flower working was also the synonym for embroidery in the ancient period. Traditional workers excelled this art and made beautiful flower carvings on the piece of fabric. It is a very complicated task and only skilled workers can do it efficiently. In the initial stages, phulkari covered all the aspects of traditional embroidery but later on, the art was limited to scarves and shawls. There is also special type of phulkari art that is done on the garment fabric that people wear on special occasions. This art is also known as garden or baghs as people call it in the modern times. The recent times have changed the perception of people towards this artwork. If you are a true admirer of ancient art, then you must surely try out the garments made with phulkari on them. This art is gaining popularity among the young people as they find it very appealing and comfortable. One of the best things about the clothes made with this art is that they can fuse with the entire modern garment and will not spoil your look. So next time, if you want to try out something different, get one of the phulkari kurta and kurtis. It will give you a very new look and will combine easily with your jeans or other western apparels.

What is Phulkari work
Phulkari Embroidery Designs

Different Uses of Phulkari:

Traditional workers use this art extensively on all types of clothing material. So you have the option to wear it or put it on your cushions in the drawing room. Cushion covers made with phulkari give a different look and appeal to the room and if you have matching bed sheets, then it will add more beauty to your home. Phulkari product range is vast and meant for all age groups. As a youngster, you will find this art very captivating as it draws your attention instantly. A beautiful handmade carving of flowers on the fabric looks tremendously beautiful. You can choose from a wide variety of products ranging from suits and lehangas to bed sheets and cushions. Young girls love to wear suits that have phulkari done on them. They are not only very light but also give you a special look. You will also love to get a matching phulkari dupatta if you go for the suits. The garments made with phulkari are generally available in plain shades however, the shades can be dark or light depending on the art done on it.

Saari is another piece of clothing that is very popular amongst the women. They wear it on special occasions as the work done on it reflects the true essence of this art. The sari made with phulkari is generally heavy and comes in sparkling shades. The art of phulkari is strictly done on plain clothing because it reflects the art more beautifully than the printed clothing. Phulkari suits for young girls come in all shapes and sizes so you can choose from a wide variety of colors and sizes. Some suits have a good fitting while other phulkari suits are loose and more comfortable. But the most important and striking features of these phulkari suits is the art done on them. You will fall in love with them immediately. The art has now gained popularity outside India and the tourists who come to visit the country specially ask for the clothes made with phulkari.

Phulkari Embroidery work
Village scene in Phulkari Embroidery

One will find it very amusing that this art was very costly in the ancient times and it took months for a worker to make a single piece of cloth. But today, with the help of latest machines and modernized techniques, the work is done in minutes and this is the reason why the phulkari clothing has become so economical. You will find your money worth it if you spend it on buying a garment made with phulkari. You not only have the option to wear it but you can use it to decorate your house. One can easily find a large number of clothing products made with this art. Cushions, bed sheets, sofa covers, curtains and tablecloths are some of the products that have phulkari art on them. You can go for one or more of these products and decorate your house with it. It will give your house a different look.  If you love traditional art, then you will surely find phulkari to be amazing. The recent times have seen a steep increase in the demand of the phulkari products.

 A Good News for the Young Guns:

There is a good news for the younger generation as the phulkari clothing is now available on the online retail outlets. Many online garment retailers sell this art at attractive prices and they have a huge collection to choose from. So, if you live in the area that does not have a shop of this type of clothing, then you can simply order it online. The options and range is very wide so you can choose what suits you the best. Young boys also have good options when it comes to wearing phulkari art. Shirts and short kurtas are very trendy amongst the boys. Just like the young girls, you can wear it with your jeans and other types of modern attires. It gives a great look as it combines all the aspects of traditional art and modern technology in one fine piece of clothing. Use them for causal or formal purpose but you will definitely find it very appealing. One can also find a number of shops in northern India that sells clothes with this art since it is a very common artform in the northern part of India. All these shops have the latest and trendy designs that suits the needs and budgets of everyone. So, if you plan to visit northern India, do not forget to lure yourself in this beautiful art. Let’s Expresso in the Rainbow of threads!

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