What is Brocade ?

Weaves of north India- what is Brocade Fabric?

Workers of northern India have always excelled in traditional weaving art. This is one of the foremost reasons for the traditional wear to be so much popular in northern India. The artisans and workers have practiced this art for a long time now and they continue to fascinate people today aswell.

What is Brocade ?

Brocade is an art that involves weaving decorative and shuttle woven designs on a piece of cloth or fabric. It is often made with colored threads of silk. Some brocade also contains gold as well as silver threads depending on the art done. It is typically done on the draw loom with the traditional weft technique. Ornamental brocading and designing is also a popular practice done in these areas. The main motive of this art is to inculcate a systematic appearance on the cloth or fabric on which brocade is actually done. When this work is at the finishing stage, you can easily spot the designs on the cloth. It’s a hectic work and involves careful weaving procedure by experienced workers. Some brocade designs may even take upto several months or years in completing depending upon the length of the cloth and the complexity of the design.

History and modernization of Brocade Fabric

This art originated in the Latin countries in the period of renaissance and was brought to India by traders and skilled workers. Since then, the local workers have practiced it on a large scale. The modern times have seen a drastic change in the manner in which this art is done. The workers to make this art more popular among the people have prominently used modern techniques and machinery. If you visit the northern part of the country, you will easily spot a number of shops selling brocade garments and products. The recent years have seen a steep increase in the demand of brocade products majorly due to the awareness of people regarding this art. Young generations have also taken a step forward and started using the products on an extensive basis. You have a lot of options to choose if you want to purchase brocade products. Also, fabrics and cloth pieces made with brocade art are extensively used in making garments and products for the purpose of home decoration.

what is brocade fabric?
Kareena Kapoor sizzling in green Brocade Fabric.

Garment products

The garments majorly include tradition wear that comprises of saris, lehangas, chunris, dupattas and suits made out of brocade fabric. Both boys and girls use the garments made with this fabric. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of brocade fabric amongst the young people is its versatility and elegant design structure. The patterns follow the same designs throughout the cloth and generally come in huge pieces of cloth.

Giving Your Home a New Look:

You can also use brocade fabric to decorate your home. Curtains, tablecloths, sofa and cushion covers are some of the popular products that are used in home decoration. You can even use the cloth length to make stuff for home decoration purpose. These may include matching curtains, sofa and cushion covers and even bed sheets.

Fashion with an Indian Touch:

Youngsters find this art quite suited to their tastes and fashion needs as it gives them a new look and appeal. Wearing a piece of brocade designer cloth with matching garments will look quite elegant and fresh. Brocade saris are very popular amidst young women; they like to wear it on special occasions like weddings and functions. Brocade Lehanga is another attire that holds an important place among the young people.

A lot of online garment shopping websites have now started selling brocade products so you do not have to go to north India to purchase it. They give you a wide pool of options to choose from and that too at an affordable price. Trendy and fashionable garments made with brocade designs appeal adults too as they love to wear traditional outfits. The true essence of traditional designs and weaving is reflected in every piece of clothing made with this art.

Brocade art has its own range of customers and the latest addition is the younger generation. This is quite evident from the fact that you can easily find a large number of college going girls wearing brocade designs. A splash on the bag or tops or suits or even notebooks- brocade is everywhere. You can choose from a range of brocade design clothes and customize them as per your taste and needs.

Some Quick Tips:

  1. You can combine and wear brocade with any kind of modern garment and it will suit you instantly.
  2. Try wearing a brocade kurta or kurti with jeans and it will give you a complete new look.
  3. Since, it is available as a full cloth length you have the option to make several garments out of it. A full brocade dress will be an evening stunner.
  4. Try a brocade top with skirts or pants and see the effect.
  5. Some people even wear shawls and scarfs made with brocade designs.
  6. A brocade blouse with a plain sari and you can never go wrong.
  7. Brocade bags and sandals and even cellphone pouches .

It’s Cost-Effective Too!

Although, the art when done with the traditional procedure comes heavy on the pocket, but the use of latest machinery and modernized procedure have made this art affordable to everyone. So you don’t have to shell out extra money to purchase one of these fine piece of clothing materials. If you ever find yourself amazed by the designs, then the credit must go to the people who develop it by working very hard. Young people have developed a new taste by wearing this garment. It not only gives them a funky and cool look but also helps them in fusing the modern and tradition wear. The ability of Brocade fabric design to amalgamate with all types of modern clothing makes it even more popular among the younger lot. Another striking feature of the brocade art is the luring and astonishing design patterns that tell the whole story about this art and this has always been one of the main reasons for the popularity of this art all over India. Now, you can easily spot an authentic brocade garment shop anywhere in India. Tourists from all over the world come to India to witness this art in its natural form. If you belong to the young gun generation, then you must go for one of the brocade garments and you will not find yourself disappointed…Let’s Expresso in Brocade!

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