What fabrics to wear in monsoons?

what to wear in monsoons
Couldn’t resist from sharing this stunning mul anarkali!

Monsoons are in full glory throughout the country. Admiring the rain with a cup of hot tea and fritters from your balcony is a heavenly experience. But when you get stuck in a traffic jam or get drenched in the rain it becomes a nightmare.


What fabrics to wear in monsoons
Rain and Tea, the best combination!


Getting drenched in the rain isn’t as tempting as it looks in movies. It can be total chaos, especially if you aren’t wearing the right clothes. Well choosing the right fabric for monsoons is very important.

So let’s begin and discuss what fabrics to wear in monsoons.

Although the sun isn’t there but the heat and the humidity are killers. You need something that’s cool and comfortable. Also keep in mind to wear breathable fabrics. These help your skin to breathe and avoid germ build up as well.



What to wear in monsoons
Perfect for monsoons!


Linen and knits are surely a no-no. These fabrics shrink when they come in contact with water. We understand your love for those white palazzos and trousers. But during monsoons you’d have to pause the love relationship and put them at the back of your closet.

These 5 fabrics are best suited for monsoons.

  • Cotton

We all know cotton is evergreen. It is one of the best fabrics to be worn in monsoons. It’ll not stick to your body, will dry up quickly and will not soak water. Cotton clothes are also very breathable which makes them super comfortable.


What fabrics to wear in monsoons
Cotton kurtas are the best for monsoons.


Flaunt your cotton maxi dresses and skirts. You’ll be comfortable and look stylish at the same time. Cotton tops and kurtis is also a great idea. Pair them with leggings or denims and you are sorted.


What fabrics to wear in monsoons
Take out those cotton sarees from the closet for this season!


For a semi-formal event you can also wear cotton sarees. They look gorgeous and are easy to manage in this weather.

  • Chiffon

Chiffon and nylon are really practical fabrics for the rains. The best part is that even if you get wet in the rain, these fabrics dry up in no time at all, so you don’t have to worry much. Of course chiffon is flowy and loose so you feel relaxed.


What fabrics to wear in monsoons
Add a dash of colors to your monsoon wardrobe!


Wear chiffon tops, skirts or sarees. You can also wear chiffon dresses in monsoons. Avoid long ones, you don’t want them getting dirty. Ankle length skirts and dresses would be perfect.


What to wear in monsoons
Chiffon sarees look soo glamorous!


Pair your chiffon top with shorts, culottes or even capris. Wear casual flip flops or sneakers with minimum makeup for an easy breezy monsoon look.

  • Denims

A lot of people believe that denims are not meant for monsoons. Yes, they aren’t very comfortable for monsoons, but trust us denims are very practical to wear in this weather.

Imagine you getting drenched in rain or you have to cross a puddle when you’re wearing cotton trousers. Now imagine the same when you are wearing denims. Denims will win hands down.


What fabrics to wear in monsoons
Cool and Casual!


Denims resist muck and mud like pro, so there’ll be less mess. Since jeans are rough n tuff, they wont get easily damaged as well.


What fabrics to wear in monsoons
Distressed denims are very much in vogue.


Opt for denim shorts, capris or even dungarees. Pair them with loose t-shirts or crop tops. Top knot or a messy bun, big tote bag (no leather) and sneakers – you are ready to rock!

  • Silk

You’d be thinking that why will someone spoil their pretty silk clothes in the rain. But silk is a great fabric for monsoons. It breaks the monotony and adds color to the gloomy weather.

Wear crepe silk, art silk, semi-tussar silk or cotton mix silk and you’d be thanking us for the idea. These blended fabrics are comfy and dry up quickly.


What to wear in monsoons
Thumbs up to silk blended fabrics for monsoons.


Pair these fabrics with the right accessories and you can wear them for parties and formal gatherings as well. Sarees, skirts, suits, there are lots of options available.

  • Mul

Last on the list of fabrics that can be worn in monsoons is Mul. The perfect blend of style and ease. It is softer and lighter than cotton, but a great option for the rainy season.

Pair cotton kurtis with beautiful mul dupattas for chic and classy look. Wear mul kurtis with cotton skirts or cotton leggings for a casual day outing. Wear minimum makeup and wear simple accessories!


What fabrics to wear in monsoons
Couldn’t resist from sharing this stunning mul anarkali!


Hoping that these tips help you say goodbye to your monsoon wardrobe woes. Let us know if you know of any other fabrics that are easy to wear in monsoons. And enjoy the rains!

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