Amazon India Fashion Week AW’17 X

aifw aw 17
More power to you.

Last week was total chaos. Life on full speed. One day was totally dedicated to the Amazon India Fashion Week AW’17. Here is all about the outfit that I wore by WearYourLabel and how much I loved it.

aifw aw 17
Hello from the AIFW AW 2017.
aifw aw 17
Street Fashion to runways….

Being comfortable in what I wear is key to me. The party spoils if I am conscious, uncomfortable or tired in what I wear. How many times have you thought to yourself that you would have loved if your dress was a little longer or the straps a bit tighter? More so, if that top was sleeveless or the hemline shorter? Well at this point I would like to tell you about that let’s you design your pieces, the way you would like it.
Wear Your Label the way you want!

Wear Your Label gives women the power to create what they want, instantly! The design board available at the website is your playground, with your rules, your choices. You can create tops, skirts and dresses in materials such as cotton, raw silk, chiffon, crepe, georgette and in colours ranging from reds and blues to pinks and secondary hues.

You can design your dress, tops and bottoms from pre-determined options and customise the neck, sleeves, hemline, length and waist. You get your own bespoke piece at the end.

aifw aw 17
More power to you.
All set for the next party.
10 minutes and you have your bespoke piece ready.

The thought behind my dress

I wanted a solid on solid colour for summers. Then I wanted something which was long so I could wear it on any day without caring much for waxed legs. The top had to have sleeves because I was tired of looking at those sleeveless dresses in my wardrobe. The colours had to be vibrant and my favourite. Thus, my piece came into life.

That’s the power and ease these portals give. 10 minutes including designing and creating an account and 7 days later, the piece was in my hand. The top was a bit loose and I had it altered from my local tailor in 30 bucks. I could have sent it back to the brand but I chose the faster route of a nearby tailor. It’s been twice that I wore this dress and every time the compliments justified the effort.

aifw aw 17
You design your wardrobe and your life.
A solid on solid colour trend is just too hot in summers.

Who has the time to run to the malls or go to the boutiques for customised pieces? Such brands like WearYourLabel are getting into our homes and simplifying life. Give them a chance and see the comfort for yourself. Visit the brand’s website here.

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