Vintage Eyeglass frames-

Vintage Italian Eyewear

I’m a sucker for vintage fashion. I can walk that extra mile to find that perfect accessory or a piece of clothing just because it defines it’s existence. So when I heard about – a portal for Eyeglass frames, I immediately knew I had to try on the brand and see for myself the quality of craft it denotes and shouts out loud. is a Boutique Eyewear destination. It is an online store for eyeglasses frames and anti-glare glasses for men and women in India. The brand gives access to vintage inspired frames at a fraction of cost. The world class prescription eyewear is available in distinguished shapes and color patterns. A click through the site will open choices of superb shapes resonating cult and classy designs. While I picked up 4 shapes in colors of my choice, the Happy Box with the frames arrived in 2 days flat. And all this gave me enough and more reasons to love the brand. My heart says the following:

  • Happster makes eyewear fashionable by offering a handful but authentic frames. The frames are manufactured and branded by Happster.
  • Eyewear of the highest quality reaches the customers at drastically reduced prices by cutting middlemen and optical shops.
  • All the frames are handmade. Once can see the frames with a 180 degree view on a human model on the website for the exact look on the face.
  • Buy prescription glasses online: The brand puts an extra effort for the convenience of the customers by bringing a 100% FREE trial at home program. The customer can order 4 pairs of glasses for 2 whole days and get a look and feel of the frames. How cool can this be!
  • A classy collection of 27 vintage frames is available in 20 chic colors and 9 shapes. Also find a cool shape from the time of yester years named the pince-nez.
  • When you place the order, super thin and light power lenses are fixed to the frames in the best of facilities. The frames are then neatly packaged and shipped to your doorstep.
  • All Happster frames are available for Rs. 5,995. This is inclusive of high-index anti-reflective polycarbonate lenses, a sure bang for your money.
  • Making the buying experience more special is the One-to-One program – a tree is planted for every pair of Happster glasses purchased.

My 4 personal favourite shapes for eyeglass frames for women are:

  1. Sleig in Crystal black
  2. Ollyd in Peppy Tortoise
  3. Delavis in Malbec Fade
  4. Charrids in Coffee fade
    Italian eyewear
    The box of Happiness!
Vintage eyewear
My 4 eye frames for trial.
Eyeglasses frames
Me wearing the Ollyd in Peppy Tortoise.

I loved all of them and after a tough choice decided on Ollyd in Peppy Tortoise. The brilliant craftsmanship and the light weight of the frames makes the entire eyewear experience worth the buck. Something like a reading glass can become so fashionable yet classy. The brand creates an experience with a solid concept and a story. And the WOW factor created to buy glasses online goes beyond the customer expectation in crafting and delivering a great product and experience.

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