Viber helps talent gain recognition worldwide

Viber, your favorite Instant messaging app recently rolled out its ‘Sticky Fingers’ campaign, a worldwide talent search, in partnership with Talenthouse to find the best sticker artist on the planet. Viber collaborated with Talenthouse for the campaign, which has been offering life changing opportunities to creatives globally.

Stickers are an important part of Viber’s personality and millions around the world use them in daily conversations to express a reaction, an emotion, a statement or simply to share pleasant and good vibes with their families and friends.Viber

The winner of ‘Sticky Fingers’ will have the privilege to work with Viber’s Design Studio and have their winning ‘Sticky Fingers’ character transformed into a full-fledged commercial sticker pack. The chosen sticker character will feature in Viber sticker market and will be seen and used by millions of Viber users worldwide to send good vibes to their friends.Viber

The campaign has set a record for being a unique campaign of its kind. Talenthouse has been associated with some known brands like Adidas, Spotify, Universal Pictures, Samsung, Yahoo, Microsoft Lumia in the past. Interestingly, the Sticky Fingers campaign has turned out to be their NUMBER #1 brand campaign ever till date.

The Sticky Finger campaign has received more than 2,500 interesting entries across the world. Russia leads the number of entries received followed by India and Ukraine. Some of the Indian sticky fingers entries include interesting characters like: Flub by Sunakshi Puri, Giki by Foram Patel and Shadow the little Ninja by Ivy Roy.Viber Viber Viber                           

After the Phase 1 of the campaign was rolled out by Viber on 4th March, entries were invited by artists till 15th April, top 10 finalists will be announced on 6th May. The contest will be concluded with the announcement of the Final winner on 10th May.

Ten selected finalists, as chosen by Viber and their panel of judges, will receive a prize money of 1,000 US Dollars. Out of the 10 finalists, one artist will be given the opportunity to work with the Viber design studio to develop their character into sticker packs with a revenue share for every sticker sold basis their character design and exposure across Viber’s social media channels.

Viber is also giving a prize money of 500 US Dollars to the Most Shared submission, so share your favourite entry and make it win the prize money.

Stay tuned for more action on Sticky Fingers Campaign.

    1. Hi Mia

      Entries were invited by artists till 15th April. The top 10 finalists will be announced on 6th May. The contest will be concluded with the announcement of the Final winner on 10th May.

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