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The big fat Indian wedding is incomplete without the boisterous over-enthusiastic chaachi/maami/ bhua from the US or UK tut-tuting over the jhataak theme of the décor to sugar-free motichoor laddoos over ghee dripping gujiyas or even Honey Singh over Arijit Singh! C’mon, every family has one of those!

While globalization has been a boon, it has also become a bane in many circumstances; mostly in terms of the vast geographical distance that has been created between family members. Sure, Internet has helped in greatly reducing that distance, but not without some good ol’ fashioned time lag or technical glitches. So how can that beloved relative give her pearls of wisdom instantaneously then???

Well, via instant messaging apps of course! Viber is one of the coolest app I came across while scrolling for most downloaded free apps on my iOS store.

The chat application will not just prove indispensable in the run up to a wedding, but also other major family occasions like a Golden Jubilee or a 75th birthday or even a first one. We Indians, mostly, are a collectivist society and that means all members of the family become an integral part in any family get together. Chat applications help to facilitate dynamic real-time conversations between excited, the not-so-excited and well the total party-poopers. The fun stickers help make the conversations about dull things like small talk with your dur-ka-bhoola-bhichda-rishtedaar fun and interesting!IMG_4780 IMG_4778 IMG_4779

A general group can be created under ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenga’ where the bride’s and the groom’s family can get to know each other, or the groom’s side can have a group called ‘Band Baaja Baraat’. Or you can even create specialized groups for saree-junkie aunties- ‘Bhaiya, who wali dikhana’, scotch-loving uncles- ‘The Connoisseurs’ and teenage social media addicts- ‘Dude, am so bored’. On these specialised groups, users can get in touch with people they have something in common with, or need to discuss a lot of things with during the shaadi preparation. All you have to do to make a group is add people from your existing phone directory for a group chat and for example, give the first filmy, melodramatic title that comes to your head. You can then start bombarding your cousins and loved ones, or maybe the not-so-loved-ones, whatever takes your fancy, all your queries about the wedding prep and share interesting stuff.

In addition to groups, Viber offers a range of stickers which are a fun way to spice up your conversation and are the best way to express your emotion with your friends and family. With Viber stickers one can easily bring a smile on their friends face by a small ‘Miss You’ or ‘Love You’ sticker. This friendship day Viber also opened its sticker store to offer free stickers worth Rs 5,000. Amongst the ones which will be available for free download are A dog’s World, Misha and Masha 2, Benny, Lenard & Pandra, Summer things, Freddie & Friends – Finals!, Pandra, Love is all you need, Littlest Pet Shop, Man Up, Ginger, Tyranni, Summertime, I Love You, Lana the Sheep, The Sausages, Young Love in Paris, Official Rudy Football, Cheesy Pick Up Lines, Shopping Panda 2 and many more. So whether it’s that high five moment with your friends, the party night with your gang or that one awesome moment that you want to share, the Viber stickers will definitely help you express yourselves better.

Instant messaging apps are revolutionizing the way people converse during family occasions via funky doodles and voice notes. They not only help make the entire affair stimulating but also help in saving precious time while prepping for a grand family event. Chat apps are the easiest and the coolest way to instantly connect with your family and Viber can help you do all these things and more! Push that download button and start your conversations today.

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