Veev- Personal Fashion Stylist For You & Me!

fashion stylist
Veev- Fashion Stylist

The one thing that becomes a matter of concern for every girl – repeating outfits at functions, parties or get-togethers. Nobody has the time and patience to remember what outfit you wore where and when. But what if we told you that a brand new app can do this all for you! Your very own Fashion Stylist is here in the form of an app.

Lovelies here’s presenting VeeV, the digital stylist you were always looking for. With VeeV you can keep a tab on your apparels and accessories worn at different events and occasions. And you know what the best part about the app is, it is super simple to use. Just click the picture of the apparel and you are almost done.

My cousin introduced me to VeeV and ever since I have been a fan girl. It is like my fashion stylist who remembers the outfits, and accessories I wore to various events.

Register – click a picture of the outfit – enter details – you’re done!

For us ladies repeating an outfit and getting clicked in it becomes a stressful situation. With Veev, bid goodbye to this problem. Just click an image and find out where and when you last wore the outfit. It’s as simple as that.

VeeV is your personal digital stylist!

Before I proceed further, the question that comes to my mind is why do I need this app? I’ll give you 5 reasons for it:

  1. I exactly know what I wore at functions, gatherings and meetings that are worth remembering for. I will no way repeat my outfits if I don’t want to.
  2. I can mix and match and create new looks. Since I know that I wore a black dupatta with a black and golden suit last time, I can change my dupatta to a golden color this time and create a new look.
  3. I can share my images with my contact list immediately of what I wore at X, Y or Z’s function and how I looked. I can ask my friends to compare my different looks with the same outfit so that next time, I wear what suits me the most.
  4. Sometimes we forget our own wardrobe. Looking at what we wore 6 months back will act as a reminder about an outfit hidden at a corner of the wardrobe.
  5. It’s fun! It’s creative. It just lets you use your own imagination to create different looks by seeing your pictures and your contact list pictures. It is your fashion stylist and that too free.


fashion stylist
Veev- Your very own Fashion Stylist.

Know more about Veev- the Fashion Stylist!

VeeV is an advanced image processing application which helps you keep a track of your apparels and accessories. It helps avoid repeating your apparels and accessories by keeping a tally of the events you wore it to and the event participants.

Since all the information is presented to you at a single platform, you don’t need to get hassled. It is an amazing app, the stylist you were always looking for. For fashionistas who don’t want to repeat their outfits, accessories or for that matter the same look, VeeV is the perfect solution.

It is an easy way to find out what you wore for the housewarming party last month, to the wedding last season and to the client meeting 5 weeks back.

The added benefit of VeeV is that it makes outfit coordination for an event a lot easier. Along with my friends, I had planned a performance for our common friend’s wedding. The dance was on point but finding similar outfits became a hassle. That’s when I suggested we use VeeV. You just need to click the picture of the outfit and can easily share it with anyone on your contact list. This is what we all did and thanks to VeeV outfit finding and coordination became simple.

Now you can also coordinate outfits and accessories for New Year Party with your cousins or your best friend’s birthday bash!

Let’s see how it works

fashion stylist
Easy to feed in information, in a minute you can create your entire look profile for the day.

Like I mentioned, the app is easy to use and user friendly.

You are required to follow a simple registration by providing you email before using the app. Verify your email and once it is done, you are good to go!

  1. Add an apparel

There are two ways to add an apparel – you can take the picture of the apparel using Veev’s built in camera or upload it from your phone’s image gallery. Select all the apparels you want to add and press ‘Done’.

  1. Add info for apparel

After uploading the picture you can add information related to the apparel – brand, make, source, color etc.

  1. Add events

Adding an event every time you wear an apparel from the collection helps in keeping a track of the events at which you wore it and who all attended the event. Adding the names of the attendees is very easy. You can also date the events for further convenience.

  1. Recognize your apparel

When you take the picture of the outfit, you’d be presented with three options –retake the picture; add it to collection; submit for recognition.

  1. Remove an apparel

Removing apparels from the collection is also very simple. Just long press on the apparel or select ‘Remove’ from the navigation bar. Click on X and it’s done.

For best results take a picture of the outfit on a hanger against a plain background in good lighting.

What’s new in Version 0.8.3?

fashion stylist
The interactive Tutorials help you understand the app better.
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Improved clothing recommendations based on the day’s weather

VeeV is a highly helpful app especially for all the fashion conscious lovelies. It is easy, simple and hassle free. A new hairstyle, different bag, and new accessories would completely change your look and nobody would notice it is the same outfit. This Fashion Stylist will never let you down.

Available free for both android as well as iphone.

Android link

Iphone link

Download now and witness the fun yourself !!!

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