Variations of Selfies

Variations of selfie
The famous Bollywood Ussie clicked at IIFA Award 2014.

The selfie may have been with us for a few years at max. But that hasn’t stopped people around the world from taking different variations of selfies. Basically, a selfie is broken down into specific categories and these are named as such depending on the location, the feelings of the photographer or the specific things that the selfie is supposed to highlight. Here are some of the most common forms of selfies that people have started to take.


Belfie stands for a ‘butt selfie’ and while it may not be the best thing to post on Instagram, it’s certainly a sure fired way of getting likes. As expected, belfies are most common amongst female celebrities who are known for their posterior. Like a certain Ms. Kardashian.


A Dronie is a very interesting selfie in which the photographer takes a picture of themselves with a camera attached to a drone. Thanks to relatively cheap and easy to fly drones like the Parrot AR Drone, dronies have become quite popular and some dronies are simply amazing.Variations of selfie


A helfie is quite similar to a normal selfie, but the focus is more on the hair style of the photographer. As expected, it is quite popular with girls although some men have also joined the party. However, men can also take a beardie for which I am sure no explanation is needed.Variations of selfie


A selfeye is quite similar to a helfie but the focus is on the eye makeup of the photographer. Taken properly they could give staggering results.Variations of selfie

An ussie is nothing more than a group selfie. They are quite popular and the ussie taken at IIFA this year broke all sorts of records.

Variations of selfie
The famous Bollywood Ussie clicked at IIFA Award 2014.

These are some of the most common variations of the selfies, there are a number of other forms of selfies such as the selfies, the stealthies, petfies and so forth. So if you think of a new form, just create a new hashtag for it and who knows, it might be the next big thing.

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  1. I only know about selfies but didn’t aware that it could have number of variations as well. Certainly an interesting share and I’m sure not many selfies addict would know about it. 🙂

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