Valentine Day Ideas for Singles– A special day for all !

Valentine day ideas

What do you do on Valentine’s Day when you are single? We have certain pre-conceived ideas that certain days are meant for certain people only. Valentine’s Day, ‘The V Day’ as termed by many, is usually celebrated as a special day for people who are either in love, dating, in relationship or who are married. However, what about those souls who have still not found their match or those who are neither looking for commitment nor relationship or those who have had a break up? The day is equally special for them and there many Valentine’s Day Ideas for singles which they can use to make their day a special and different one, a little out of the way from their usual schedule of life.

There are various things to do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day. We get you our list of how to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are single.

Valentine Day Ideas for Singles :

The desire for spending the day for singles also differs according to the age groups/gender they belong to. Usually for single men, it becomes a day for bachelor party, enjoying their day of freedom, ‘bird watching’ in malls and then going for night outs, and celebrating the day with their friends and close to heart cousins. Drinking, loud music, going for long drives with friends, movies, amusement parks, usually these places are decked with youth and who are single but might or might not be ready to mingle.

Love is not only what we receive from our life partners or dates, love is something that cannot be explained and is present in every relation. For singles, V Day becomes the day for showing how much they really care about their family and friends. On this day you can fill up your life with laughter, go to pubs, look at unhappy couples and celebrate being single. It’s great to be in a relationship, yes. But a relationship is only as successful as the efforts put in by the people in it.Valentine day ideas

If you are a college-going single, the V Day night can become the night of surprise pyjama party with your college friends. A house party can be arranged in by the students. Special gifts can be sent to special friends; request that cute guy in the Maths class for a dance, let your hair down for a day and have an absolute blast. Lots of fun, fabulous food, hot crowd and upbeat music can be arranged and unlimited fun can be experienced because when you are with friends who really love you and care for you, life becomes bliss. 

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For single women, the day kick can start with lots of planning, parlour-trips and then shopping with friends. Even window shopping with friends and then an elaborate Spa session can spice up your day. Pool parties in the evening for all the singles is a great idea. For all you know, by the time the day ends, you might no longer be single. Even road trips can be planned by a bunch of friends. Many make this day special by spending quality time with their family and with their own self by either reading good books or listening to classic music. These are some of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when single.

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Head to a nice place for dinner with your bestie.

So now you have ample ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day if single.

For people who are proud to be single, enjoy your freedom because “ Zindagi na Milegei Dobara” and for people who are heartbroken about the fact that you are still single, well tighten up your seat belt and try to see the world beyond mere cribbing and demands. Life is beautiful so enjoy each and every moment of it and make it special for yourself and as well as for others with these simple, fun and frolic Valentine’s day Ideas for Singles.

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Enjoy the day.


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