Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him

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Phone makes a great gifting idea.

Last night you heard your long-time boyfriend whispering over the phone, something about having it ‘gift wrapped’ and ‘delivered’. You have a vague idea about what he is talking and, since last night, you have been jogging your mind real hard. Last Valentine’s he gave you a really pretty, intricately designed gold bangle. And you gave him a gift too, nothing of that magnitude of course, but he accepted it happily. I mean, men don’t wear jewellery. Well, come to think about it, they don’t care too much about perfumes either. Or bags and clothes. So, you are back to the same place where you started from last year, or the year before that, thinking about Best Valentine gifts for men. We heard you and got you the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.

If this is what happens to you every year or, for that matter, every time you plan to buy him a lavish present, then you seriously need to read this article. Men’s idea of a perfect present is different from that of women’s. Their tear glands don’t get aroused when gifted with a dozen long-stemmed roses, and a box of Switzerland chocolates. They would not go gaga over an Armani perfume for Men either. Sure they will appreciate the gesture, and the huge money spent, but will they absolutely freaking love it? Err, no. Not so much. So what can you give him that he will positively love? Here’s a list of Valentine gifts for men that would make his happiness literally shoot up the ceiling.

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Men love their gadgets.
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Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him

  • Bluetooth speakers with all that jazz: Believe me, men who are into music love being gifted with music. To make it more romantic and couple-ish, you can compile a drive of his favourite songs from his favourite multiple bands. The gesture is sweet without being sappy.
  • Tickets or passes to a cricket/ soccer game: Yes, tickets to an international cricket game between Australia and India would really make him jump up and down like Xmas came early.
  • Tickets to his favourite band: Bryan Adams performed in India, and the crowd nearly shook the whole field. If your guy is into any band that is bound to perform somewhere in the country, do get him the tickets. Even if they are performing in another city and not in the one you stay. You can always make a holiday out of the concert. Concert and a trip. CAN you ask for more!
  • Gadgets: Yeah, men love their gadgets. Save up and present him with one of the latest phones or a fitness band that hit the market. If you are exceptionally ambitious, you can also give him an iphone.
  • Netflix/Amazon Premium Subscription: No, your nephew is not the only one who would appreciate a prime subscription. If your guy is into Suits or Game of Thrones, he would love the new season of his favourite series, or a totally new, more challenging series.
  • Liquor: Nothing beats the favorite bottle of Scotch or that expensive wine. Liquor is to men what perfume is to women. Pack the bottle nicely and yes you are allowed to gift wrap it your way, add a nice message and make it a gala affair.

Try these tips and make your guy extra happy this Valentine. Candle night dinner is great too, but the other couples in the restaurant are doing the same thing. Try something different this year and surprise him. Have fun girlies with these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.

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