Ultimate Guide -Top things to keep in mind when shopping online

Fast paced life, the ease of shopping online, the variety of choices offered by online platforms, pandemics, et al. make online shopping the need of the hour, future and maybe forever (I hope so not. I would still love to get into a shop, try different outfits and choose one for myself).

Most of us are shopping online, right from essentials to even our clothes and other fashion wear. Even medicines are being ordered online now. It is important to note that online buying has its own hassles too that majorly include choosing the wrong items or the wrong sizes and then expecting a quick return and faster refunds. So, here we get you the all-time guide for your online shopping especially when it is related to garments, your measurements and your choices.

Keep reading to save yourself from the hassles attached with online buying.

Here are top things to keep in mind when shopping online.


If we talk about India, a lot of brands are offering shipping these days. Here is a list of brands and websites offering shipping of garments. These are all tried and tested websites- fast delivery, easy pick- ups, faster refunds and the whole fun of buying, everything is guaranteed.

  • Amazon: You can buy literally all the brands from Amazon but unfortunately, the choices will be limited.
  • Myntra: Supported by Flipkart, is a good destination for Indian wear.
  • Lifestyle: Lifestyle also offers the shipping option and it covers a lot of brands that you can find at the physical store.
  • Westside by Tata: Westside is also delivering their products at our homes and the shipping time is very fast.
  • H&M: This brand has also increased its online sales and offers a good return policy. 
  • Marks&Spencer: The brand also gives you a 1000 Rs discount on your first time purchase if your total purchase is above Rs 3000. Trust me this is worth it! Please check the schemes time to time as brands keep on changing them.
  • Zara: The brand also claims to ship your orders to you but it has a couple of restrictions as well.
  • Shein: Shein has been the all time site for shopping online. It has quirky designs at affordable prices. It may take a little while for the delivery. 


Next thing to keep in mind while shopping online is to choose the right item. Returns, refunds take time and are irritating too. Saving yourself there should be a priority.

If a particular brand advertises that it accepts returns and refunds, we should know the policies adhered to. Brands are friendly and we have to be responsible too. Prevention is better than cure and choosing the right item is much better than getting into returns and refunds.



1) Take your measurements

Each and every brand has a different size chart and you cannot rely on a standard small, medium or large size. The other issue is that you cannot even try the clothes and identify which size fits you well.

So the solution to this problem is….

  • Note down your measurements in advance and pen them over a piece of paper.
  • While buying a particular clothing, don’t forget to check the size guide and only then place the order.
  • If you have taken the measurements months ago, there is no harm in measuring yourself again because you may have gained (ouch) or lost (wow) inches.

2)What to measure

  • At the minimum, women should know their bust, waist, shoulder and hip measurements. You can take the help of a local boutique to get the right measurements too.
  • Men should know their chest and neck, waist and inseam measurements.
  • Additional measurements in both men and women can include shoulder, length, the height, weight etc.
  • Some brands offer international sizing too like US and UK sizes. Always Google for the accurate size conversions.

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3) Go one size large

I stress on this point because….

  • Firstly, clothes that are loose and comfortable for day to day wear look cool too, sometimes. 
  • Secondly, if your clothes happen to be tight, the entire process of return, refund and exchange would be very long and you’d get impatient. Tight clothes can’t be worn at all but loose clothes can be used in the future.
  • If you go a size larger, you can still wear it and use some hacks to make it your size.
  • If you know stitching or know someone who knows, fixing a large size to a small one is very simple. You can even get it altered at a local boutique. Further, you can also use some hacks like a belt, safety pins, etc to fit into a bigger size clothing.

4) Set your budget before opening your phone

Online deals tempt and we tend to go off-budget. Always have your budget in mind and do not exceed it. A little overspending is ok but it should not break your bank.

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5) Search for deals

Online stores offer a lot of deals that you must check. Also, check the shipping cost before checking out. Verify the return and refund policy as well.

These are the top things to keep in mind while shopping online. These points will ensure a smooth online shopping experience. Use the online platform to your advantage.

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