Types of Managers : 4As

Types of Managers


Decades ago, marketing was considered the last lap for a product, its emphasis was to increase consumer preference, enhance consumer awareness, and create visibility .Circa 1991 brought a sea change in business thought ,approach, strategy and the world became flat with more global companies coming to India. With the opening up of domestic market due to liberalization/ globalization/ privatization , the fulcrum for marketing shifted .Today’s competitive world put the marketing professionals on the core position ,its they who introduce new products, acquire new geographies, its they who seed the need instead of consumer voicing the need; to take the process forward a specie called MARKETTING ambushers are sought for:

This Class of combat managers is grouped as Aggressive, Ambitious, Abrasive, and Assertive.

Aggressive managers are those who strive for pampered customers, long term relationships, repeat business and referrals from clients .They are decisive, fast & on sharp growth curve.They synergize their goals with company’s goal ,they are like non return valve. They are open to market capturing ,customer development ,product/concept/service transaction.They do not see anything as impeding factor, for them everything is facilitating to achieve success -they are like combat forces who have only target to be achieved.They are most regarded, desired & admired class who have confidence & will to kill the competition. They are always on feet on street, chasing & exceeding targets & striving to achieve more .They have passion ,engagement, fast track commitment towards goals.

Ambitious managers as the term applies are inclined more towards their growth vis-a-vis organizational growth , inclined more on image protection ,always strive for efficient utilization of ability & resource augmentation to deliver and are always good towards their peers ,superior ,customers.They focus more on ability to improvise rather than skills to analyze, avoids fault findings .Always on learning curve, works for promotions & not emotions, they are best people who consider them learners not knower’s, always exploring to promote & support ideas .

Abrasive Managers as the name implies are performers & deliver consistent results but never understood & accepted .Though fully competent in their work but mostly untouchables by peers ,subordinates & even the superior feels difficult to build climate of agreement with them .Even due to their rude ,crude, behavior & unacceptability they perform better in adverse conditions ,such as industrial slowdown, low investor confidence ,falling stock markets ,rising inflation ,diminishing demand ,economy on downward spiral .

Assertive Managers are the reflection of process oriented approach, readily accessible with well documented key records, good familiarity with standard operating principles, follows logical sequence to conclude deals, always head for compliance to be achieved, appreciated by three hundred sixty degree circle of influence.

Beside the few A type classified managers, there are bunch of Irritating managers, Irresponsible Managers, Intimidating managers, Impeccable managers, Idealogical managers, Intentional managers, Idiotic managers etc ,but irrespective of the notional classified tags given to people , all are delivering. The country is moving forward ,industry is blooming ,service sector is expanding and the combat managers are leveraging on creating higher consumption ,boosting sales ,expanding consumer smiles.

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