Types of High Heels for Women

high heels for women

You can sport different type of high heels and today at Let’s Expresso we have an exclusive post which covers all the varieties of high heels for women.

Types of High Heels for Women

My heels define me, augment me and sometimes make me feel on cloud 9. They are most favorite of my entire look. High heels for women are what tux is to men: simply irresistible! Here are the 6 types of high heels for women like a must have…

Kitten Heels

As the name suggests, these are comfortable and easy to carry small heels. They can be easily worn by elderly people as they are not high. They are also called a young girl’s stiletto and are never out of fashion. Recommended for tall girls as they add the look but not much of a height.

Types of high heels
Kitten Heels

Wedge Heels

high heels types
Wedge Heels

Most comfortable as the weight of the body gets adequate support from the wedge heeled footwear. The heels are thick with a sole. The wedge heel provides more arch support and reduces ankle and foot problems caused by other heel types. Refer the cover image for wedge heels.


Types of high heels for women

Comfortable for both formal as well as informal get-togethers. They work well under trousers, jeans, saris or suits. These are medium heels and aren’t’ high like stilettos or short like kitten heels.

High Heeled Boot

Aah, my favorite winter footwear. Whether ankle boot or a knee high boot or a cowboy boot, they are comfortable and stylish. I was hand in glove with these my entire winter.

Pump Heels

From platform heels to peep toe, such type of high heels go along to work, shopping and dinners. They are comfortable as the weight of the foot is evenly divided on the heels.

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Stilettos Heels

different high heels types
Stilettos Heels

The mother of all heels goes as high as eight inches. The heels are thin and provide little surface for stability and thus, are difficult to walk in. But the look, killer ! My party look isn’t complete till I get into them and flaunt my accentuated height.

Heels have been popular since history as they add height, make the calves flex and give the legs a fit and leaner look. Different Types of High heels for women have been an obsession since eternity. Depending upon the body type and the requirement, invest in the pair of heels that are easy to balance and wear and still make you look like a chic. Heels add that oomph, that extra zing to every dress and make u stand out in the entire party …so girls, lets invest in the one that represent us and don’t forget to bump up and share Indian Fashion Blog Let’s Express’O !

What’s your favorite type of high heels ?

  1. I would like to add another very popular and sexy type of high heels for women, the d’Orsay.
    This is a type of pump usually with a closed heel and toe. It is cut down to the sole at the sides leaving the arch of the foot visible. Recently open toed styles with a closed heel and cutout sides are also considered d’Orsays. Leaving the shank of the shoe bare creates a sexy silhouette.

    1. Hey i cud visualize the heels mentioned by u …my general preference are flat pumps as they r convenient for office wear…i would love a flat d’Orsay aswell… Thanks for the info.

  2. I had never actually heard of the term kitten heels before, but I like it! I have a lot of heels that would fit that description. Probably my favorite style!

  3. I’m such a mess at walking in heels. I used to be able to do it, but then i broke my foot and since then it’s been like I’ve I forgot how. Hopefully I’ll get back at it soon though. Fun post to read. xx

    I’d love it if you could also come check out my blog.

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