Triumph International Lingerie Review

Triumph International lingerie review
From work to coffee plans, Triumph takes you through the day!

Hey peeps! I thought I would do a little lingerie blogpost, and talk about one of my favourite brands- Triumph International.

I am currently loving their new collection. Triumph International has so many stunning bras that are available in gorgeous colours, styles and patterns. I’ll talk about my favourites in the post below. The brand truly is my go to for padded, lacy, wired, printed and stunning options. My black maximiser bra is the favourite from the lot owned.

Have a look at my favourite pieces below!

Triumph International lingerie review
My stunning stash of different fits and colours and patterns.

Triumph Lingerie is a globally renowned Swiss lingerie brand. It is available online, at e-comm websites, and offline stores. My purchases are mostly online. I have added this stash of 7 padded bras and my different needs are sorted. The bras last long and are total value for money. I always keep an eye on deals to get my hands on new patterns and fits.

Here’s my experience of wearing Triumphs International lingerie.

To begin with, my taste of Triumph is around a decade long. It is one of the few brands that fits really well and gives me the fitting that I really cherish. A good bra is like a kick ass starter, it just spins the whole mood. The fit that I wear is padded and wired (less often non-wired). I have a few maximiser bras too and they do the work really well. The feeling is- Oh so good!

Side note: Whatever your requirement, they have a solution for you. From bridal to lacy to printed to maximisers to minimisers to padded & non padded, they have a piece for you. Do check out their loungewear & briefs too.

Triumph International lingerie review
The Triaction Balance Top Sports bra looks drool-worthy in this printed option. It provide best support for low-medium intensity sports activities and best comfort from office to gym.

What I most love about wearing Triumph bras is that they are so easy to carry throughout the day. Specifically engineered to provide support and comfort with style, this is definitely a brand that you need to try out, if haven’t yet. The brand has sent 7 pieces of my choice but this review is unusually authentic as I have been wearing this brand for more than a decade now. And this long association made this collab a lot more exciting. The styles I chose are from various categories- new arrivals, the basics, the prints and patterns for different purposes. There is a sports bra, lift smart bandeau, signature collection bra, gorgeous silhouette bra, maximiser push up bra, t shirt bra, to a fashion bra in different hues and appeal. I love the gorgeous laces, cheerful patterns and not to forget, the purpose each bra serves which is a good fit that adds to the outfit and the confidence. The lacy overlay to the bra or the soft microfibre fabric used, the seamless finish fits perfectly under any t-shirt or outfit.

Here are my 5 reasons to pick Triumph International Lingerie time and again:

  • In love with their padded & underwired T-shirt bras.
  • The seamless finish fits perfectly under any t-shirt.
  • Value for money- I look for deals time to time.
  • The bras have moulded cups for a smooth shape.
  • These are everyday wear bras that ensure extra comfort and confidence.

Triumph International has paid a lot of attention to comfort, style, fabrics and fit at the design stage. These light weight and well fitted bras make everyday experience worth its while. While I’m a preferred shopper of this brand, suggest you try it too, and feel every word I say here.

Have a good day!

T … xo

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