Valentine's Day gifts
Time to choose the best practical Valentine's Day gifts Source - makeanddtakes

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner. And if you’ve still not figured out that all important Valentine’s Day gift, We. Got. You. Sorted.

Valentine's Day gifts
Time to choose the best practical Valentine’s Day gifts.
Source – makeanddtakes

Pink hearts, chocolates, cringyy teddy bears, cliché flowers, these are all done to death. It is time to get practical in love and gift your special someone an amazingly utilitarian gift.

Here are 5 practical Valentine’s gift ideas for him/her.

1. Subscriptions

Subscriptions make one of the most practical Valentine’s Day gifts. It can be a gym subscription to motivate your beloved to finally hit the gym without any excuses or a subscription of his/her favorite magazine.

Valentine's Day gifts for her
A beauty box subscription for your girlfriend is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea.
Source – beautyfrontline

For your diva girlfriend, get her a subscription of a beauty box or a jewelry box. For your book nerd girlfriend, a book box subscription would make the best Valentine’s Day gift or the best Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription so that you both can have cozy dates while watching your favorite shows.

best Valentine's day gifts
For all those indoor date nights!
Source – livemint

2. Luxury Fragrance

This is by far the safest bet when it comes to choosing Valentine’s Day romantic gifts. There is something irresistible about perfumes.

Valentine’s Day romantic gifts
“You are never fully dressed without perfume.”
Source – Dior

This Valentine’s Day splurge a little and spoil the love of your life with a luxury fragrance. Gucci, Chanel, Victoria Secrets, Forest Essentials, Davidoff, Marc Jacobs… the list is endless.

Valentine's Day gifts for girlfriend
Happiness is ‘New Perfume’.
Source – scentbird

Find out more about Bvlgari Goldea The Roman Night Perfume for her. It makes a good gift too.

3. Wearable Technology

If your beloved is a fitness enthusiast then gifting him/her wearable technology devices would be the perfect bet. Also, if you want your valentine to take care of his/her health, then this gift would be a superb motivation.

Valentine’s Day gifts for husband,
Healthy is the new happy. Motivate your partner to be healthy!
Source – personaltoday

The market is full of a lot of varieties of fitness trackers. Do your research and choose the most suitable one!

Research, read reviews, and then pick the best choice.
Source – millenial influx

4. Planners/ Agendas

You can never be too old for cute stationary. Planners and Agendas are such a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift. They’ll help your beloved stay organized and give that boost of motivation!

affordable Valentine’s Day gifts
Time to say yes to practical Valentine’s Day gifts.
Source – etsy

For your girlfriend you can choose a pretty pastel or whimsy planner. And for your boyfriend you can pick a leather planner/ diary.

Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend
Pretty planners make the best motivation to go to work!
Source – etsy

5. Gift Cards

Gift cards make a great gift. The person gets the freedom of choice and you can enjoy the happy shopping experience together. There are so many options.

best Valentine's day gifts
Get sorted for your movie dates.
Source – PVR

All major brands, both online and offline offer some great deals on gift cards. Some of our favorites include – Amazon, Lifestyle, The Body Shop, and PVR gift cards.

Valentine's Day gifts
Let your Valentine have an amazing shopping experience!
Source – amazon

Hope you loved our practical ideas for Valentine’s gifts. Do let us know which of these Valentine’s gifts are you choosing for your beloved? And follow us on all our social media – FacebookTwitterInstagram for latest updates on fashion, travel, and lifestyle.



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