Top 10 Grooming Essentials for Men

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Perfect razor a perfect shave!

Today’s metrosexual men want to look suave and impeccable all the time. Whether it is work or a date, they don’t want to compromise with their looks at all.

Men’s grooming products have got a heart push in the past couple of years. Today the market is filled with plethora of products and men are spoilt for choices. But it is important that you have the right grooming essentials checklist so that you get all the right products.

So here are the Top 10 Grooming Essentials for Men!

  1. Body wash
    grooming essential for men
    Pick a body wash as per your skin type and fragrance preference.

Gone are the days when men used to settle for a simple soap. Body wash is an integral part of men’s grooming essentials. Musk, citrus or woody, whatever your preference, include a body wash (if you still haven’t) and elevate your freshness to a new high.

  1. Face wash

A face wash and a body wash are two separate things. The sooner you understand, the better.

Choose a face wash as per your skin type and needs. Fairness face wash, acne control face wash, oil control face wash etc., there are lots of choices available.

  1. Hair gel/ Hair wax

An increasing number of men are preferring hair wax over hair gel. Hair gels have many harsh chemicals that damage your hair over regular use and also leave your hair hard and frizzy. Hair wax is comparatively gentle on hair and provides great styling as well.

  1. Shampoo and conditioner
    men grooming essential
    Sometimes men get lucky- Body Wash + Shampoo in one!

Since men use hair wax/ hair gel on a regular basis it is important that they have a good shampoo to wash off all the chemicals, dirt and grime. Choose the shampoo as per your hair type or need, like anti-dandruff, anti-frizz, moisturizing shampoo etc. And for all you men who use shampoo every day, opt for a mild shampoo that would not be harsh for everyday use.

A lot of shampoos have a slight blend of conditioner, so you can choose them. Or else get a separate conditioner. If you have long hair, you might want to give leave-in conditioner a try!

  1. Scrub

Men’s skin is harder than women’s skin and when men have blackheads and whiteheads, it becomes a major hassle. To keep them at bay, use an exfoliating scrub (choose one depending upon your skin type) twice a week. You can also use a deep exfoliating scrub, but this needs to be used just once a week.

  1. Shave Essentials

So if you are the metrosexual stubble guy, or the ‘I love my beard’ guy then your grooming routine would have a change now. To get you ready for brainy board meetings or everyday client meetings or those heart to heart dinner dates, you would need the right shaving tools – razor, blade, trimmer, shaving gel/foam etc for looking uber dapper always.

One piece of advice: Try the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide with the FlexBall technology for an unmatched shave everytime. Use it once and use it forever.

gillette macho review
The FlexBall Technology gives a macho shave.
  1. Aftershave

Now that you have shaved for that important client meeting, all you need is a dash of aftershave. It’ll soothe your skin and act as an astringent for any cuts and abrasions. Depending upon your convenience and choice you can opt for aftershave balm, gel, or powder.

  1. Sunscreen

The sun won’t discriminate between men and women. Thus, we recommend you get a good sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection. There are various types of sunscreens available – gel, lotion, matte finish cream, sprays etc. Also choose the SPF as per your skin type and sensitivity to sun exposure.

  1. Perfume/ Cologne
    men grooming essential
    Cologne is a man’s best friend!

A must have in any man’s grooming kit. A perfume is one essential product that you cannot do without. But keep in mind that your work wear and party wear perfumes should be separate. At work you need something subtle that shouldn’t be overpowering, while for parties you need something strong and long lasting. You can also use colognes, body sprays and body mists.

  1. Under Eye Gel

Working late, movie marathon with friends or partying till the wee hours of morning, an under eye gel is a savior. If you don’t use an under eye gel, start using it now. Include it in your night skin care regime and say goodbye to dark circles, tired and puffy eyes and wrinkles around the eyes.

If you use something that we have missed in our list of Top 10 Grooming Essentials for Men, do let us know. Always awaiting your comments and feedback!

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