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toesmith customised shoes review
Love at first sight!

The brand name itself is so intriguing. The second factor that makes it an apt buy is that it’s an Indian brand making shoes for Indian feet and customising designs to suit Indian design sensibilities. Paint your mind on the canvas of your shoes and wear yourself out and about with Toesmith.

I had a little hustle in my tummy when I saw the array of designs on their site. It was a hard choice between patterns, prints, colours and preferences. You must check out their range and designs here. It’ll be whirlwind of emotions and a tough decision selecting the design that best represents you. But at the end, like all good things, you’ll decide your pair of happiness, just like I did.

My pair of sneakers is a pretty Tribal print in pink. This caught my fancy at the first go. The print is so me. It is girlish, cosmopolitan and very chic. It goes with all my outfits. I wear any colour of jeans and just sneak inside them and walk off. The best part- I do not get tired of seeing them whole day. It’s such a pleasing design.

Morning to evening in comfort and style…
toesmith customised shoes
Fun graphics for bringing out your style.
toesmith customised shoes
My shoe bundle of happiness!
toesmith customised shoes
Shoes- customised and unique.
toesmith customised shoes review
Lovely tribal print that loves you back each time.

Toesmith- Review and Few things to consider:

  • The brand makes sneakers and sliders for both men and women. These are unisex shoes.
  • You can customise your shoes by adding your own print or pattern.
  • You can also be like me and choose from their existing range of patterns and designs. It’s simple, fast and you have your shoe with you in a few days.
  • Toesmith uses best quality fabric for rough and tough use.
  • There is lightweight TPR sole and memory foam in-sole for extra comfort.
  • The shoe has flexible cementing technology for improved durability.
  • You can wash your shoe and have it spic n span again.

The prints are UNIQUE. You can choose from a collection of vibrant graphics and these cool designs are made by artists from around the world. Just find what you love and bring it your feet. The memory foam ensures a blissful walking experience. The shoe is made to last.

Whether to work or a lounge or a coffee plan, these shoes will give you good company. As it is we women have a tough walk sometimes and a comfortable shoe that’s chic at the same time does help.

Thanks Toesmith for sending this across. I have a long term commitment with you now.

A good shoe and a good company is all we crave for!

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Take care, Tanya

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