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toesmith customised mules review
A happy Toesmith Mules reviewer!

It’s not easy to be in a girl’s shoe. But if the shoe is comfortable, it makes the walk easier. And if it’s sexy too, it makes the walk a cat walk. Meet my new shoe-in-crime, the customised mules by Toesmith. My second shoe from the brand and it’s become my everyday shoe already. Stay and read my Toesmith mules review. Chances are you’ll end up ordering too.

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toesmith customised mules review
Thank you Toesmith for sending across the shoe.
toesmith customised mules review
Putting my best printed foot forward.
toesmith customised mules review
A mule that walks with you morning to evening…

Toesmith mules review

Toesmith mule style

I’m a sucker for everything unique. When I am unique, why can’t my shoe be so? I just said bye to the traditional way of buying with Toesmith uniquely printed mules. My design is Sunshine West. It’s a beautiful rendering of colours and designs. One can marvel at how the blocks have been made to come together to perform as a whole.

Bold prints have a limited life as one tends to get bored of them. This shoe is different. I can wear it for the whole winter and still not get bored. The biggest reason – Comfort. If my shoe is comfortable, I give it more points than being sassy. But the icing on the cake is that this shoe is both comfortable and sassy. How cool!

Toesmith mule Sustainability

The memory foam insole is a pillow for the feet. The brand uses rough & tough fabric for maximum durability. The constructed collar provides ankle support. The shoes are washable and can be used for seasons.

The shoe easily passes my 30 wears test. If I don’t see myself wearing something for at least 30 times, I don’t order it. It’s my commitment to sustainability.

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toesmith customised mules review
Durable & comfortable
toesmith customised mules review
My statement piece!
toesmith customised mules review
Do your steps, sit and again start walking.

Toesmith mule Price & Availability

Buy my design here. The mule is for Rs 2499/- but available at a deal of Rs 1699/- only.

There are many designs on the website. You can even customise these mules with a design and print of yours. Wearing your imagination on your shoe is simple now, just with a few clicks.

Visit the website and get swayed by their designs. They have amazing sneakers and sliders too.

It’s all about a good shoe at the end of the day, isn’t it?

Hope you liked the Toesmith mules review. Let me know your views on my mule in the comments below.

Take care, Tanya

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