10 tips to shop in sale season

tips to shop in sale season

What’s that one word which makes shoppers go crazy? Yes, you guessed it right! It is SALE. Sales are a great time to shop and get some amazing deals. Be it an online sale or an offline sale, it attracts a lot of people and our tips to shop in sale season will save you a great deal of money and help you buy what you need and end up using.


tips to shop in sale season


But you don’t always get the best stuff during sales. So you need to be a smart shopper. Read on to find out 10 tips that’ll help you shop in sales.


10 tips to shop in sale season

  • Don’t buy trend led products

The boho kaftan dress sure looks pretty, but you’ll get bored after wearing it a few times and then it’ll remain dumped in your closet.

Buy classic evergreen items, be it clothing, bags or shoes that’ll last more than a season’s trend. Neutral colors – grey, beige, black, maroon and classic styles and patterns will do the trick.




  • Remember change room ease

This is particularly for offline or store sales, especially when you go clothes shopping. Wear something loose and comfortable. A loose dress, slip on shoes and a cross body bag would be perfect and will save a lot of time in the change room. You’ll be at ease and your hands will be free for all the rummaging.

  • Pick up the right size

Don’t get carried away by the amazing discounts and offers. Whether it is shoes or clothes, make sure to choose the right size.

A size bigger can be altered, but the fitting might not be flattering. A size smaller though will be a total waste of money, unless you plan to donate it.

  • Wait for End of Season Sale

End of Season Sale (EOSS) is the best time to splurge and shop till your heart’s contentment. You get some fabulous deals and discounts during the EOSS, so look out for them at your favorite stores and brands. You can actually save a lot of money.


what to keep in mind while shopping during sales


Just make sure that when you shop during the EOSS pick up items that’ll look trendy in the coming up seasons as well.

  • Know the return policy

Stock clearance sale, Diwali Sale or any other sale for that matter is a good time to shop. But don’t forget to find out about the return and refund policy.

A lot of stores, online and offline don’t accept return of items purchased during sale. Talk to the store manager or the customer support team to know more.

  • Have a targeted approach

Have in mind what you really want and make use of the sale to buy your list of items. Don’t overspend and don’t buy things that you won’t end up using.


tips to shop in sale season


Curb your impulse shopping pangs during the sales. Your heart will desire the entire make-up rack, but your pocket will tell you what you really need.

  • Visit the stores sooner

Everyone awaits the sales and when they are announced it is mayhem. It is a good idea to visit the store at the earliest so you get to choose from the widest selection of products.

  • Keep a track of sales cycle

Most stores and websites have a fixed time period for sales. Keep an eye on it to get the best of the best deals and save money.

  • Buy gifts

There are so many occasions and festivals throughout the year. You can stock up the gifts you want to give friends and family during the sale season.

Pick up a hamper from The Body Shop EOSS for your bestie’s birthday, pretty bed lined for your aunt’s housewarming party and a coffee maker for mom and dad.

  • Lookout for defects

Make sure to scan the product and check if it has any defects before purchasing it. You might not be able to replace or return it, and it can be a total waste of money and energy.

Use these tips to shop in sale season on your next shopping spree and let us know which one helped you the most. If you have any other tips for shopping during sales, let us know in the comments section below.

Happy Shopping!

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