Tips to dress your white shirt

Finally the summer seeps in and I declare it by wearing my favourite white shirt. This year, I’ll do as many experiment with my wardrobe as I can… well it’s the leap year and I’ll leap through all my dresses…not only leap but a giant leap. We all have a white shirt in our closets and we love it more than any other colored shirt.

Here is the list of to do things to dress up your white shirt.

– Wear interesting neck pieces to style your white shirt. Opt for strings or pearls or funky beads to add that glamorous feel. Wear gemstones or even your gold/diamond strings to add that affluent touch.

– To make your white shirt interesting, wear a waistcoat over it. You can even wear a bright spaghetti top under the white shirt to have that aura around it. Keep a few buttons open but don’t overdo it to make you look slacky.

– Wear scarves in pretty prints to pep up the look. Go for floral prints or checks to add that funk. You can drape it or tie around the neck as per your liking. Scarves make a great accessory.

– Wear your white shirt with denim or a floral skirt for a causal yet chic look. Be careful while buying white shirts. Go for well-fitted and crisp white shirts.

– Wear cotton or cotton blends during the day and silk or satin during the evenings. As per the occasion, choose a good fabric for your white shirts.

– Wear a nice belt around the waistline to augment the entire look. A bright belt in shades of pink, green and blue looks very chic over a sparkling white shirt.

– Pair your bright white shirts with fitted denim jeans for a slender and tall look. Beware: only try this if you have a well-toned midriff.

– For office wear, team your white shirt with formal grey or black trousers. You can also team white shirts with colored trousers for that extra zing.

-Wear a big noticeable belt when the shirt is tucked in. The belts add the spotlight to the entire frame and separate you from the crowd.

My girls’ summers are here and it’s a must to possess atleast one white shirt. If you don’t have one, its time to hit the malls again. After all Let’s Express’o in style!

  1. Great fashion tips Tanya! White shirts are the perfect background to show off brightly colored jewelry and love how they help keep you cool in the hot summer months. I agree, every woman should have at least one fab white shirt!

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