TINTIN ,my first crush ,meets me in 3D !

The adventures of Tintin :The secret of the Unicorn

Year :2011

Director :Steven Spielberg

Producer: Peter Jackson

Writers :Steven Moffat ,Edgar Wright and Joe Carnish

Having grown up on a Tintin diet,not only gobbling the comics and the cartoons but in my mind ,living a life with him, the latest 3D experience was a complete Nirvana . The show was a full house with kids, adults alike enjoying the movie..Bouts of laughter, anxiety  and clapping truly proved a Spielberg marvel again.The kids and their popcorns contrasted the adults and their memories. The adventures of Tintin ,The secret of the Unicorn proved a complete delight.

What a movie and what a sense of gratification by the director. Bless Spielberg for creating such a marvel and so beautifully making us re-live the good old Tintin days. The sound track, the direction,the story play :typical of Spielberg . The movie is fast pacy script, raising the adrenaline every now and then and a go getter from start to finish. The adventure starts from Scene 1 and Tintin, the reporter is on his job.The movie is based on three of the original comic books :The Crab with the Golden Claws,The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham’s Treasure.The choice of blending the three stories give the movie enough fodder for Tintin fans.

Thompson and Thompson deserve separate mentioning for their funny characters and police raids. Their role was small but well caricatured. They provide the much required humour in-between Tintin’s detective maneuverings. Snowy,as always proves faithful and an intelligent dog –a complete detective like his master. The story unfolds the secret of The Unicorn – a ship that sank during the 17th century.Sir Francis (captain of the ship) chose to sink the Unicorn with most of the treasure after being attacked by a pirate ship.He leaves behind three models of the Unicorn ,each containing a scroll which when together revealed the location of the sunken Unicorn and its treasure .Tinitn and Haddock along with Snowy find some of the treasure and a clue to the sunken Unicorn – perhaps, leading us to another adventure.

Who doesn’t know you Tintin : my first crush and so close as a 3 D encounter and for the sequel -I can bet my money on Jackson and Spielberg again .O’you Tintin , O’ you Snowy ….meet again and meet agin soon !


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