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Timeless piece for an elegant vibe.

There are some brands that defy the concept of time. These brands have their own beliefs and they stand for it. In the journey, these very brands create timeless designs. House of Tuhina is one such brand.

The brand strives to create pieces beyond the past, present and the future. Drawing inspiration from everything beautiful that India has to offer, House of Tuhina works with skilled craftsmen to provide elegant pieces that boast of sheer beauty. The innate nature of the raw materials used is retained to conceive authentic products. The masterpieces are handmade with utmost precision. Tuhina Goyal, the founder is a textile and fashion graduate from NID, Ahmedabad. Her designs speak of her mind and are beyond the ever-changing fashion trends.

‘The Trend of the Tassel’ is the new collection by the House of Tuhina. Tassels are omnipresent through the history of Indian attires and will always be. Playing with the concept, Tuhina has created a quintessential jewellery line which is playful and draws inspiration from everything Coachella-esque. Below are my 2 gorgeous pieces from the brand. The necklace shouts out ‘The Trend of the Tassel’ and is made with intricate weaving and design. The antique gold and the dark blue combination simply looks stunning. The piece sits next to the neck like a chokar and takes you to the royal era of kings and queens with a timeless feel. The bracelet is a myriad of colours. It’s so complete in its own self that it becomes the signature of the whole outfit. That’s the fun with brands that dare to think and design different. House of Tuhina, you amaze me!

The Necklace is for INR 4000/-

The bracelet is for INR 1800/-

fashion blog India
My beautiful neckpiece. It’s simply elegant.
The wrist band is like a rainbow watching over you.
The bracelet is like a rainbow watching over you.
fashion blog India
Timeless piece for an elegant vibe.
fashion blog India
The neckpiece sits gracefully with any outfit.

The House of Tuhina jewellery has a wide price range. It starts from INR 350 and goes until INR 8000.

House of Tuhina is available at:

Delhi- Ogaan, Silk Road, Nimai

Mumbai- Parvativilla

Jaipur- Teatro Dhora

Ahmedabad- Artisans Cott

Calcutta- Bombaim


Goa- White Brick Wall

I’m eyeing more pieces from the brand. How about you?

Happy shopping!

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  1. House of Tuhina has beautiful collection and the craftpeople are also talented. And the jwellery you wore looks very pretty with your dress.

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