The story of Oliver :A perfect Sequel to the Saga of Love!

The story of Oliver

The writer of the Love Story yet again came up with another master piece of his, “Oliver’s story”, and the perfect sequel to the Love Story. Love never dies is a universal truth and love can never be replaced is the story of Oliver.

Oliver Barret IV fell in love with the vivacious and intelligent Jennifer Cavilleri. However, after her death due to leukemia his life came to a complete stand still. He does not want to get out of his mourning over Jenny at all. For him Jenny had been everything after he left his parents home in order to marry her. Oliver’s story portrays the tough situation that a young lawyer like Oliver faces in getting back to his normal life. The part of him, that knew how to love and how to feel, had died forever after he lost Jenny. He was lost and shattered, his father in law felt that he had developed some kind of mental sickness and that is why he wasn’t able to remarry and forget Jenny. However, here the case was completely different as Oliver felt that somewhere or the other he was responsible for Jenny’s death. Even though he had gone back to his daily routine still he could not get on with his life without feeling guilty about Jenny’s death. His friends tried their level best to send him on dates but the part which could connect with people in a romantic way apparently ceased to exist in him any more. He felt it a burden in communicating or getting him emotionally attached with girls as he knew that loving Jenny was something that came from within him, it was a part of his existence but here he had to make an effort to feel for people he knew he would never spend his life with.

However, amidst all these he comes across Marcie, the one woman who was again about to change his life once again. The mysterious life style of Marcie not only attracted Oliver but also at one point repelled him. He did not know whether his emotional attachment with Marcie had any future or not. But the day he came to know the truth about Marcie’s life he became sure that after Jenny he would only be spending his life with Marcie. If it wont be Marcie then it wont be any one else.  His parents were also very pleased to meet the new girl in Oliver’s life. At least he was making a sincere effort of remaining happy. The marriage ceremony between the young lovers was planned immediately and as a honey moon trip as well as a business trip the tour to Hong Kong was planned, it was a major business trip for Marcie for her company. However, once they reach there an incident takes place which changes Oliver’s look completely towards Marcie and their relationship. He becomes unsure of the kind of woman he was about to marry. He in his heart of hearts starts comparing Marcie with Jenny and then with a pang of anxiety realizes that he has never gotten over Jenny at all. It has been Jenny all along and will be Jenny for the rest of his life. Jenny wanted Oliver to move on in his life but Oliver knew that Jenny has always been the BOSS in his life and without her he was nothing. She was his lifeline and when she wasn’t around he just got on with his life. The fact that he had to live his life and not merely get on with it had become oblivious to Oliver.

Love knows no bounds and has no inhibitions, for Oliver Jenny’s love was like the wind he could feel it but he could not see her. He knew she was there but could not see her in person. When you love some one you just need to feel that person’s presence in your life and the rest is magic  as proved by the story of Oliver.

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