The Secret of the Nagas – Book Review

Yet another awe inspiring, fast pace story by Amish Tripathi in the 2nd book of the Shiva Trilogy-The Secret of The Nagas. Every page is a turner and one can’t stop before actually completing the whole book.

The Secret of The Nagas is the sequel to The Immortals of Meluha- the first book of the Shiva Trilogy. The book can be read as an individual but the best way is to start with The Immortals of Meluha and then follow it up with The Secret of the Nagas. This would give the complete background and flow to the second book. The third and the final book of the Shiva Trilogy is The Oath of The Vayuputras , which is in the making.

The whole book is a sci-fi movie in front of your eyes. The action sequences literally have a 3D effect to take the senses a notch a level. The chapters move sequentially and gain momentum from the first page. Every plot is defined and every character is depicted in full strength. The main protagonists, the support, the periphery –all defined to the T. Every character ,incident is given full due and not at one instance it feels as if something is missing or something could have been explained more. The story unfolds a surprise a page and it’s difficult to resist turning over.

The Gods become characters of flesh and blood and as humans as we are. The story brings forward new facts and specifics and learnings .Some facts known, some unknown and some totally out of the blue. The book introduces the legend again and the feeling of plunging into the unknown world of the Lord Shiva is dominant. It also raises questions about the truth or myth of good and evil ; of Karma; of the essence of duties and responsibilities towards country ,family and friends ;the fights within and the search for one’s destiny.

All in all, the book is a sequence that one awaits, a sequence totally comparable to its forerunner.

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