The saga of Love continues…Love Story by Erich Segal

“Love means never having to say sorry”…this is what she told him and this is what he remembered for the rest of his life. The saga of love continues as we read Love Story by Erich Segal and realise that love knows no bounds and has no inhibitions. He did not know how it happened…When he fell for her… And when she became his life. He just knew that he was madly and unconditionally in love with her.

Love story by Erich Segal is one of the master pieces. Here he talks about the rich Harvard student who falls in love with the young, simple and intelligent Radcliffe girl. Jennifer Cavalleri changes the meaning of life for Oliver Barret IV, the only son of wealthy and rich Oliver Barret III. The first time he saw her in the library he was bowled over by her knowledge and sharp answers and after that there was no turning back for him. It was something he had never felt before because she was quick witted, had a good sense of humour and was not conventionally beautiful but had a charm which could never be ignored. The catch lies when we find that as the story progresses and the Barret family is not interested to accept Jenny as their daughter in law, and an underlying turf of ego surfaces between the Sr. and Jr. Barret. The Love story continues to portray vividly the differences of thought between the father and the son where Jenny tries to act like a bridge by trying to mould the views of Oliver in favour of his father but fails gradually.

However, the story takes a complete twist when we get to know that after what Oliver and Jenny have been through together during their married years of four years, everything won’t be a bed of roses for either of them as Oliver was about to lose the girl he had loved with all his life since Jenny was suffering from leukaemia, a kind of cancerous disease to which there is no permanent remedy. The day he got to know this he could see his world crashing round him as for all these past years Jenny had been the main reason for his existence. He could not think of a day without her. She was his world, without her he knew he would not be whole again and he also knew for sure that with Jenny gone he would lose the capacity to love and fell because for him Jenny was the other name for love. But for Jenny’s sake he had to keep a brave face as she still was unaware of the fact. However one day he came home to find that Jenny did have a word with their doctor and already knew what was in store for her. She clung to him that day as she never had and tried to feel each and every ounce of love that both of them felt for each other. Gradually the means of continuing Jenny’s treatment was getting exhausted and so Oliver had to turn to his father who had severed all ties with him since he had gotten married to Jenny but while taking the money he not even for once mentioned that it was Jenny who was sick and was on her death bed, he let his father believe whatever he wanted to think and guess.

The story ends with Jenny giving directions to her father for her funeral and then while talking to Oliver alone she makes him promise that come what may he will go on with his life and will take care of himself.

She takes her last breath in Oliver’s arms. While reading this book you would feel that love is selfless. It does not teach us to be selfish or unforgiving, it actually teaches us to be more human. The rest is left on the readers to read and decide but it is true that if you have fallen in love you should definitely read Love Story by Erich Segal once in your life time. Love — a word that is so divine in itself that it can change the meaning of life for many.

    1. Thanks Adam, will surely visit the site. Also,i’ll be writing on the charisma of Erich Segal soon…do visit this space for that article.

  1. well i dont read books but came here when i saw Erich Segal. U know why? coz i have read only couple of books in my entire life and those were written by Erich Segal :D. great review.

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