The new rage: Floral prints on BONFIRE!

Fashion swing  is like the mood of a young child- he laughs, he cries, he yells, he listens and he refuses to calm down when asked. Fashion has this analogy as it is also vibrant, subdued and loud with big floral prints; it follows the season & moves faster than sound waves & the trends never stop in any season.

This summer the small geometrical designs & the serene mountain prints are being overshadowed with louder & bigger floral prints with volcanic fiery outbursts.

Fashion has a love affair with floral prints trend. These prints embrace all male & lady dresses, swim suits, shoes, pants, scarves and even the Sikhs are seen supporting big flowers on their turban at Vancouver streets or south hall London streets with pastel colors & vibrant hues of big flowers.

Botanical prints, pumpkin poppies, water trees, agave, bare red barrels, nature inspired trees, artistic gardens, sunflower gardens, colorful trees, spring tulips, Japanese garden, wild gardens, Golden palm grove, cherry blossoms, red poppies, eucalyptus leaves, leafy forest etc are the think pad for the essence of large & vibrant floral prints for this summer to make men smart & women attractive.

The dress designers are focusing on floral belts & floral pumps, sandals, wedges & heels as compliments to a floral jean & trouser with plain blouse. The show stopper dress, floral short frocks with long coats are a must for European summer trip for the season. Floral skirt with matching dark shade halter neck blouse as accompanist is good for beach wear. Floral sari & blouse with floral bindi, floral earrings & matching flower pendulum in the neck with natural flowers on hair bun is a charming sensuous dress for evening summer lawn/poolside marriage party.

Women in floral bell bots with dark shirt is best opined for day out in Dubai malls & evening desert safari. Dress with  Black, red or golden back ground & white tulips makes the wearer bold without pronouncing a single word & is soothing to the eyes of the passerby .

The floral invasion of Fashion Street is the treat for the skirts short & colors deep & hot. The high fashion street wants to make women look more amazing rather than beautiful & be more of a potent force of self expression. Earlier people used to dress to show they were successful & had status, but now the aim is to show that one has a fantastic body. Summer outfits with floral designs versus hip hugging stripes is better accepted in this recession period as every next season women girth increase & floral designs get camouflaged at the seams which need to be opened to accommodate the increased anatomy at the waist. Till next invention the definition of high street would evolve around floral designs because designer labels for women dressing is not to attract men but to impress women. The male designs are pleasing proposals that emphasize on masculinity even with floral prints & further simplify on the outline of the male circuit encompassing the attire for either gender friends.


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