The Immortals of Meluha – Amish Tripathi

The Immortals Of Meluha


With Karan Johar picking the rights to make a movie out of The Immortals of  Meluha, writing the book and re-living the reading experience seemed an apt next step. Well, the intriguing book cover anyhow makes you want to pick the book right away. The small write up at the back of the book invites you to explore the possibilities of Shiva. The journey of the tribal warlord “Shiva” who goes on to become the legendary “Mahadev” is written in a simple language but the narration is racy and keeps you glued to every line of the story.

When Shiva decides to leave his small tribal land near Mansarovar, Mount Kailash on the invitation of the Suryavanshi’s representative Nandi, little does he realize how his journey will shape up. Amish has written the story very convincingly, blending the mystery of Shiva with traces of science thrown in. Neelkanth, as he’s known throughout the novel, embarks upon the discovery of the self. He beautifully brings about the structure of society and how a perfect Utopia existed in “Rama Rajya”. The fallacies of the near perfection of a society, the small world in which we exist and hold on to as the best way to live are brought about in stark relief. Though the story is mythical, one does not find the story that Amish is presenting hard to believe. One can easily get absorbed in the storyline. Each page and each chapter is intriguing and doesn’t put you off anywhere even with the simple language used. The sharp mind of the IIM banker comes about in the most detailed manner in which he has researched the story of Shiva and embellished it with sheer creativity and brilliant imagination.

The delicate relationship between Sati and Shiva is the highlight of romance. He brings about various relationships in Shiva’s life, be it with Bhadra or Nandi, Daksha or Brihaspati in detail and is so descriptive that we feel that we are living Shiva’s life. Each character in the book is etched well. Shiva’s dilemma when he falls in love with Daksha’s Vikarma daughter Sati, the Vasudevs he meets, the Chandravanshis- all lure you into the drama of love. He’s brought in the description of the Harappa and Mohenjo-daro so beautifully, you can actually believe it. The war sequences are quite well written though you wonder about the several methods that are described. But before you can try and analyze he takes you on yet another journey.

Though on the onset it looks to be just the story of Shiva, you learn to read between the lines and pick up the fine nuances of great spiritual message, “What is right for you may be wrong for someone else”. You ponder on this message waiting for the next page, next line. The fictious plot of the novel tries to unravel the mystery of “Shiva”, the destroyer of evil, the benevolent Lord, one who is beyond the structure of society and all that it stands.”The Immortals of Meluha” leaves you gasping and waiting with bated breath for the next sequel. Amish Tripathi joins the likes of Chetan Bhagath and the new line of Indian writers with this book. Definitely a must read.

P.S : The sequel to this book is, “The Secret of the Nagas”. The review for the same has already been covered earlier. Both the books are well written and take us to the enchanting world of the Neelkanth. Happy Reading!

  1. This book is like an epic.
    The makers would have to make the movie in standards with the book, no doubt it has to be like Avatar (2009 film) of India.
    Any thing less and it would be a waste of such a great story.

    1. Totally Vinay..even the in-cinema book ads are mystical..the movie has to be an aura, an experience for taking the senses notch higher.

    1. Pl pick it up again Deepak…its an overwhelming experience throughout the book.You can’t leave the book without finishing it. Do try it again…

      1. Right Tanya …
        I started 4 days ago …and now its finished in 4 nights … even finished a quater of NAGAS too 😀
        but i feel sad for Bhrispati …who died in Temple explosions .. m hoping that their might be twist in the tail and Bhrispati came alive in end .. i also feel that the name of the son of Shiva should have been on Bhrispati’s name 🙁

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