The boots are out!

Hello there!

That time of the year when Sun becomes a friend! The boots are out…yay! It’s time for long pullovers, cozy jackets and snuggling mufflers. My favourite is pairing my boots with leggings and long pullovers. I have so many overflowing long pullovers and my lust for them only increases. I recently bought a super long pullover in cream with short sleeves and would post soon in them 🙂 This photo shoot is an afternoon plan at a friend’s house and I can’t thank her enough for being patient and clicking me time to time. In times, friends are the best bet!

Outfit :

Top: Asymmetrical Sweater, gift from Hongkong

Bottom: Black leggings (Random)

Boots: Hideout, Khan Market

Bag: Random

Accessories: Silver bangle from flea market, Gold bangle vintage

This year, my aim is to buy boots in royal blue and tan. Royal blue looks so chic in boots and totally defines colour blocking. Tan makes it wearable at any time with any outfit. I recommend Hideout in Khan market for numerous options in boots. From different lengths to colors- they have it all and most importantly- they fit in the budget. I got this pair under Rs 2000/- and I found it utmost value for money. But ya, when the guy at the counter who looked like the owner said that these boots are Chinese and thus, with no guarantee, I took it with a pinch of salt. C’mon, I can’t be selling something and saying that listen, this is Chinese so no guarantee . But I guess a shop in Khan market can afford to say so :p. But none the less, the shop has the variety.

So friends, Have a great Sunday! And if you have haven’t got yourself a pair of boots, then use this day to buy one.

Thank you so much for reading!

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