TAIKA by Poonam Bhagat at AIFW AW 16 | Romance of the Mughals

TAIKA by Poonam Bhagat

The Maybelline Amazon India Fashion Week was recently held in the capital. It was an amazing show with some of the top designers showcasing their Autumn Winter collections. Since Kurtas are our first love here at Let’s Expresso, the stunning collection of TAIKA by Poonam Bhagat had to catch our fancy.

If you’re a monger for beautiful kurtas, you would love every bit of TAIKA by Poonam Bhagat. Romance of the Mughals was the theme of her collection and Oh, how she did justice to the name.

TAIKA by Poonam Bhagat


TAIKA by Poonam Bhagat


Mughals were known for their grandeur and opulence. Be it the monuments or the jewelry, they did everything with style and panache. Mughal clothing was characterized by luscious drapes, finest material, and beautiful embroidery. The use of elaborate and intricate patterns were also seen.

During the Mughal times the attires were perfectly complemented by stunning jewelry pieces. Bangles, nose rings, kadas, necklaces – satladas and chokers in precious and semi-precious stones were popular.

This collection was an ode to Mughals and their lavish style. The inspiration was their way of dressing and how everything they wore became a style statement. The anarkalis and the turban that have gained a lot of popularity today were all a part of the Mughal era.

From the late 17th century to the early 19th century Mughals ruled a major part of the Indian sub-continent. The influence of their culture, rich heritage and food can still be seen in many parts.

Romance of the Mughals showcased stunning pieces made from finest silks, brocades, and velvets. It was nothing less than a whimsical fairy tale that took us back to the glorious era. To add to the overall feel, even the names of the pieces were inspired by Mughals like – Shabnam, Ab-e-Rawan, Baft Hawa etc.

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TAIKA by Poonam Bhagat


Gorgeous chanderi kurtas with intricate detailing and enthralling dupattas ruled the ramp. The colors used were in sync with the overall style. Also, since it was the Autumn Winter collection, the focus was on darker shades. Deep blues, burgundies, fuchsias highlighted by gold and silver looked regal and royal. Floor length anarkalis with brocade border, kurtas paired with palazzos and stunning lehngas – the collection had it all. The mix of colors and materials was a pleasant sight.

TAIKA by Poonam Bhagat


Black and silver with a hint of fuchsia or black and fuchsia highlighted by gold detailing, all the pieces were sheer brilliance.


TAIKA by Poonam Bhagat IMG_9060


The silhouettes were mainly voluminous or asymmetrical. Peshwaz or loose jama-like robes, fastened at the front, with ties at the waist, ‘churi’ sleeved and billowy, in gossamer weaves glinting with appliquéd gold tissue layered over each other were used to create the illusion of translucence and opaque. Digital printed voiles and chanderis edged with pewter, copper and bronze drew their inspirations from Persia and Central Asia. Marigolds, paisleys, lotuses, poppies and the evergreen lattice designs looked elegant. Choghas with brocade or embroidered hemlines and scattered floral motifs were open down the front, layered over yaleks or under tunics and dressed up with bias, crinkled or panneled skirts were also seen. The vibes were totally on point.

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TAIKA by Poonam Bhagat
Pristine white voiles gathered or paneled with extensive ‘kalis ‘ contrasting with black, gold, red and bordeaux made for a dramatic summer entree. The ethereal white anarkali with gold and red embroidery and a beautiful red dupatta was like love at first sight.


TAIKA by Poonam Bhagat


The jewelry used complemented the attires very well. Kundan earrings, statement necklaces – satladas, chokers and beautiful rings were the highlights.

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TAIKA by Poonam Bhagat


The best part about the collection was that even though it was inspired by Mughals and depicted royalty, it was very relatable and wearable. You and I would love to pick up something for a wedding.

TAIKA by Poonam Bhagat & her adventure with Romance of the Mughals deserves a standing ovation by Let’s Expresso.

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