Swarovski India Spring/Summer 2014 Launch

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All that glitters is Swarovski, my first thought at the launch of Swarovski India Spring summer 2014 launch. The glitter, the light, the designs, the enigma, all paved way for the bright launch of the amazing new collection. Inspired by the blue monochrome and tribal aesthetics, the designs and pieces spoke elegance and finesse with high decibel. Each piece had a story to shout and an amazing craftsmanship to boast. The launch at the Saket boutique saw shimmer and glamour walking hand in hand.

The eye catching neck, ear and wrist pieces in many designs and patterns gave a swanky look to the launch. Of particular interest were statement neckpieces, wrist bands in hues of blue as part of the blue monochrome collection. The colorful accessories in tribal shades and intricate designing gave another edge. The entire collection has been designed in Paris and manufactured in Austria and launches at almost the same time as in Paris. My favourite at the launch were Swarovski statement neckpieces in blue and wrist wraps in many shades. Delicately placed on the wrists, these wraps can transform any look in an instant. And what to say about the big bold neck pieces, each had a story of its own. The entire collection boasts of minute detailing and an eye for unique and precious designs. Armed with high intense research and inspirations, the Spring Summer collection is a delight to a buyer who is looking for exclusivity and delicacy in what she wears. Fashion Blog India

Fashion Blog IndiaFashion Blog IndiaFashion Blog IndiaPriced between INR 3000 to 30,000, the Swarovski Spring Summer collection has a piece for everyone. Whether you are looking at buying one for yourself or gifting to your favourite friend, or demanding one from your husband, there are ample choices to flip through. And if you are a doting husband and looking to surprise your wife, you know where to go…


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  1. No doubt beautiful accessories, and you know one of best friend getting married this feb. so now thinking to gift her one of the beautiful accessory. 🙂

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