Styling tips for large busted women

Styling tips for large busted women

Lots of large busted women shy away from experimenting with their wardrobe. A lot of my friends feel the same so I can understand the emotion. Its okay to be the size your are, there is so much so that exercising and diet plans can work . Some tricks and makeovers can help the large busted women to look attractive and take away the highlight to other assets aswell. Here we go …

Tips for Large busted women:

1. Shift the focus from the chest. Wear square necklines as it exposes the neck area and balances the look. Some other necklines to sport are V, scoop necks and round necks. A V neck helps in creating an illusion of a long upper body and round necks suit all structures. Scoop necks as the name suggest fall well and accentuate the curves.Styling tips for large busted women

2. Stay away from Chinese collars, halters, polo and turtlenecks. Anything which takes the eye around the upper part should be avoided. If one has to wear a collar, wear it like an open collar with 2-3 buttons open from the top.

3. Body hugging fabrics like lycra or stretch for large busted women are a Total NO.

4. Wear three quarter length sleeves. Avoid sleeveless and wear longer sleeves to take the attention from the bust area.

5.Wear open collared shirts and chiffon shirts with small designs. Small floral and geometric designs are good options.

6.Wear a well fitted bra. This is a must for large busted women as it can make or break the look. Wear firm bras for good hold. Try minimizer bras to cut down on the bust size.

7. Wear empire waistlines in which fabrics loosen around the bust area. Be careful, don’t wear the empire line where the outline disguises the stomach area and highlights the bust area. Girls, be really careful with large busted clothing.

8. Wear wrap over tops and puffed sleeves. The idea is to take the attention away from the bust.

9. Avoid large prints, bold colours and any detailing at the neck.Wear soft colours and smaller prints for large busted clothing.

10. Accesorize: Wear an attractive neckpiece or earrings to hold the attention and not let the eyes sway downwards.Styling tips for large busted women

Try these simple techniques for large busted clothing and see the difference. Do these small changes here and there and see a tremendous change in your appearance. Let’s Express’O !


  1. well put together 🙂
    i like ur article about brand consciousness. I blog about everyday affordable fashion. I don’t feel brand should define an outfit.

    1. Thanks Megha…Fashion is a very personal emotion, for me , my overall look has to be in sync with or without wearing brands.Fashion is a confidence/a statement that I want to transmit 🙂

  2. Hi Dechen
    Wear shirts and tops with small prints. Throw a scarf over your shirt or wear a cape over a top. This really takes the focus to accessories. The key is to take the focus from the bust area to other parts. Wear semi-fitted or closely fitted tops. Avoid tight or too loose. And most important, wear a smile and love yourself. You are the best and at the end of the day, thats what matters. Have a good day!

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