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New Fashion Trends in India

Fashion is a cycle; what is in today will be out tomorrow; what is selling at high street today would be found in imitation look /substitute /look alike /me too look at tier 2/tier 3 and on the road side Mangal bazaar in just a month or so later .

To get rid of this problem, new & talented designers are taking the front seat of Fashion & coming up with their own brand lines.

Today’s working class has more focus on dress & address. For them branded outfits add significant value to their personality as they feel elevated in branded outfits. This perceived value gave the marketers the idea to add new brands, get brand extensions & bring in celebrities to endorse the brands & get the market share. This trick of marketers has worked well in the area from cement to cosmetics. Today we see Amitabh Bachhan endorsing a cement brand Binani & Katrina endorsing a beauty brand Lux.

Marketers have diluted the essence of brands endorsed & endorse brands by pushing the brand attributes to endorser’s attitude. Consumer attitude towards brands has changed from product to promotion activity, commodity/FMCG/automobile/pharmaceuticals/ electronics are brand equity products & occupy consumer’s mind space by branding & advertising.

Trillions of dollars are spent to develop a pharmaceutical molecule of a drug, a jet fighter, arms & ammunition, an automobile but there is no data to support the time, effort & the money spent to develop a design, display a doll model on ramp for spring, summer, winter collection of adorable fashion clothing or accessory label.

Fashion labels establish ownership & become vehicle of aspiration; labels signify differentiation in the craft & style of a designer thought process.

Dress/accessory designing is a fusion of art & science. The concept, the feel, the style, the trend creation is art & the process to make via technological innovation with high end equipment is the science which adds significant value to commerce.

Fashion fiestas across the world have glamour on display & this glamour compliments the consumer’s acceptance of the style statement, status symbol in establishing ownership & becoming vehicle of aspiration by the brands. The 20 billion dollar brand Louis Vuitton is the most valuable fashion brand & is the most copied /substituted /counterfeit brand, this brand is available to their VIP club as an exclusive option.

The young designers have their own line created & cater to the needs of the society that is driven by fashion & not by me too brands.

Fashion line by the new fashion czars is the future trend as every individual wants his/her own identity to establish well above the rest, brain & beauty are God gifted but the –association of the privilege elegance & elitism, the key to compliment the individual personality is with the FASHION DESIGNERS.


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