Spring Nail Trends to Watch Out for in 2012 !

Spring nail trends

Spring nail trends are coming alive. If you believed that fancy party outfits and high heels are the most covetable styles of this season, you would be wrong. The spring nail trends of 2012 are the latest that every woman would want to try. Anyone who wishes to try something new with nail trends can follow the following trend designs and ideas.

Nude shades are in this season. After all the excessive use of oddball and neon colors that we have seen in the recent past, the beige and cream shades are setting in off late. However, that does not mean that the bold patterns are out of fashion.  The classic reds, soft pastels, mellow yellows and stylish corals blended with metallic designs and cool umber shades.

The spring nail trends are here to stay for this season and many more seasons to come.

Nail Trend#1: The Long Nails

Trimmed nails have become a grand ma fashion now. These days long and well manicured nails are fashionable and trendy. Of all the latest nail trends, this one is the modest and most attractive that will never die off. For that prim, grown up and proper look, it is very important to have thoroughly manicured nails. Keep the length elegant and make sure it is properly filed to a flattering shape.Spring nail trends

Nail Trend#2: Racing Striped Manicure

The racing striped manicure pattern works wonders for most women. Matching styles can be created, keeping in mind the seasonal flavor. Matching yellows with blues, reds with corals to create beautiful spring nail trends can work wonders.

Nail Trend#3: Monotone Print Manicures

Monotone print manicures are the latest nail trends. Although these might seem to be the DIY type of nail work, you can choose intricate prints and design your nails accordingly. Blend some of the rare colors or choose wearable prints to make your nails look attractive.

Nail Trend#4: Reverse French Manicure

Spring nail trends of 2012 are all about being unusual and chic. The reverse French manicure looks exotic and adventurous. Mix dark shades with a light shade and get that surprisingly new look for your nails. While French manicure has always been appreciated by fashion lovers, the reverse one is classy and definitely trendier.

Nail trend#5: Chartreuse Nail Color

Chartreuse nail colors are trendy and fashionable. These are the latest nail trends of 2012 that blends mellow yellow hues to give you a shocking and neutral flavor. It looks subtle and simple. When caught in the perfect light, the color turns outrageously favorable in a good way.

Nail Trend#6: Double Tone Manicures

Double tip nail manicures can create a fashion statement. It has been the latest trend-setter, creating a lot of hullabaloo all over the fashion world. The use of deeper shades perfectly blended with lighter tones has become a great color statement. It not only sounds good, it looks better than it sounds.

Nail Trend#7: Go Green:Green Spring nail trend

The color green will have a monopoly of sorts in 2012. From handbags to dresses to ofcourse nails, green color is going to rule. There is something really special about this color and you will see this color a lot, especially in case of nail paints. In case you also want to go green with your nails, make sure you choose green colored nail paint that has a cream undertone. This will make the color stand out on your nails.

Nail art is fashionable and stylish. However, one must learn how to match the flavor of the season in the most appropriate way to create a fantastic final result.

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