How I met my new phone?

Sony xperia z3 review

Smart Phones and the new Diamonds. Gone are the days when diamonds were a girl’s best friend. Today, it’s her phone that walks with her, talks with her and sleeps with her. Welcome to the new age where compromising with the phone is just not on the cards and girls demand their right of a super intelligent phone that can replace the need of having a super intelligent boyfriend or a husband. Welcome to the world where phones are the new ‘In-trend’ accessories and yes they match with our eye-shadows too.

Being a blogger, having a smart phone is not enough. I need a super smart phone that can multi-task dime a dozen things at the same time, be my phone, be my smart phone, be my laptop, be my powerful camera to the closeness of a DSLR, be my friend in disguise, be my partner in every crime… While I was looking for all these features, it seemed nearly impossible tell I met my new phone. And that’s how my story begin with Sony Xperia Z3– the new super kid on the block.

Sony Xperia Z3 reviewHow I migrated to a Sony Xperia Z3

Sony xperia z3 review
Clicking photos at the back of my hand !
sony xperia z3 review
Super handy!

I have done it all. I have used probably all the better (read expensive) brands available in the market today. Being a fashion blogger has it’s own fun and challenges. While I have the liberty to do anything that my mind wants, there are certain givens that I have to adhere too. Needless to say the quality of my content has to be upto the mark, so has to be the quality of the pictures that go with it. This was my problem always. My erstwhile phone cameras never satisfied me. And I hate to carry the bulky DSLRs on my fashion events and meetings. So when Sony gave the option of a 20.7 MP camera, I had my reason to migrate. I have been a cybershot fan and I trust Sony for it’s picture quality. Along with it, the power to record videos on the go and the quality along, brilliant for a smart phone.

Technology blog
Work on the go !
sony xperia z3 review
It matches my bag too!

How has the phone added enough oopmh and ease to my life 

  • Androids are super easy to understand and operate. I can move from feature to feature with all the ease.
  • Quickness: I multi-task between answering mails, updating content on the blog, updating pictures on Facebook while Tweeting about them at the same time. Everything is synced from G+ to Instagram to WhatsApp. I am a Queen Bee of Apps now.
  • One click and the pictures are instantly shared whether with the readers or with my friends.
  • The phone is dust tight and takes good quality pictures even in low light, something I tremendously need as a fashion blogger.
  • I don’t need my laptop anymore. Apart from content writing for which I need a much bigger screen, I do all my work on my phone. I talk to my readers, answer their queries and do all the styling via my phone.
Sony xperia z3 review
One of the 5 things I can’t leave home without!
Sony Xperia z3 review
Simplified work life!
Sony Xperia z3 review
My favourite accessory and statement piece- of course!


Outfit details | Fashion Lookbook


Cell Phone: Sony Xperia Z3

Shoes: Heels

Earrings: Swarovski

Watch: Kenneth Cole


Sony Xperia Z3 review

  • Xperia Z3 blends design and engineering with 7.3mm super-slim rounded aluminium frame
  • The only smartphone with PS4™ Remote Play2
  • Highest waterproof rating (IP65/68)3 – waterproof and dust-tight to take with you wherever you go
  • Unique power-saving technologies for up to two days usage between charges
  • 20.7MP camera with 1/2.3” “Exmor™ RS for mobile” image sensor, new 25mm “G Lens” and world’s first smartphone with ISO 12800 sensitivity for superior photos, even in low light
  • Unsurpassed audio with choice of Hi-Res Audio, Digital Noise Cancelling support and DSEE HX audio upscaling for near hi-res audio quality
  • Brightest TRILUMINOS™ display for mobile with Live Colour LED and X-Reality™ for mobile with intuitive contrast enhancement for better viewing, even on a sunny day

The phone’s got a look! And yes it matches my outfits and my eye shadow too. With a hint of gold in all my pieces in the wardrobe, my Z3 is my favourite matching accessory. And yes, within a week of usage, I am addicted! The ease, the comfort and the extra edge of delivering my commitments on time, answering my mails on time, making quick presentations on the phone and justifying every buck of my work to the clients, the phone has done it all for me. So, if you are looking for a multi-tasking smart phone, do check Sony Xperia Z3 to lead a more fun, connected and productive life.

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  1. This phone looks really cool and sleak! Really want to check out this one for sure as I am planning to buy a new phone soon….

  2. I was looking for the Z3 review and came across your portal. Really a good way to cover all the points a girl desires. Thanks and I am going for the phone now.

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