5 shoe shopping tips to pick the right shoe that doesn’t hurt

shoe shopping tips
Read on to find the best tips for picking the correct shoe. Source – winkalink

Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy new shoes!

Rightly said that footwear can make or break an outfit. Choosing the correct shoe is crucial. For a party you’d want jazzy heels, but for work your pick would be classy nude peeptoes.

shoe shopping tips
Read on to find the best shoe shopping tips for picking the correct shoe.
Source – winkalink

But guilty as charged, we all have given in to temptation and bought shoes that look pretty and aren’t very comfortable. If you have ever regretted an impulse shoe shopping, here’s some help.

Read these 5 shoe shopping tips to pick the correct shoe that doesn’t hurt.

1. Shop for the occasion

Keep in mind the occasion you’re buying the shoes for. If it’s your bestie’s wedding, you’d want comfortable wedges or kitten heels so that you can run around, dance and look stylish. If you’re buying formal shoes, try picking subtle flats. You’d be spending long hours at work and want maximum comfort for your feet.

block heels
Loving block heels this season. So stylish and comfy!
Source – sezane

Stilettos look super stylish, but their utility is limited. Whenever you’re buying heels make sure you try walking in them first. Choose a neutral color, so that it can be value for money.

how to choose formal shoes
Kitten heels complement formal wear so well. We suggest you invest in a good pair.
Source – solesociety

2. Get the right size

Shoes are made in standard sizes, but there are high chances that your foot size isn’t standard. It is essential to get your foot size measured by an experienced footwear salesman.

shoe shopping tips
Good shoes take you good places.
Source – amazon

When buying shoes of any kind, keep in mind that the shoe might expand a little so you should pick the size accordingly. It is always suggested that you go for shoe shopping in the afternoon, because your feet are expanded maximum during the afternoon hours.

3. Choose the correct heels

Heels can make women go weak in the knees. But we suggest you be a smart shopper and choose heels as per your requirement and comfort.

how to but correct heels
The higher the heels, the closer to heaven.
Such heavenly block heels.
Source – lolashoetique

Not everyone can carry pencil heels. You can opt for block heels instead. They look stylish and are rather comfortable. Kitten heels are also a great alternative.

Flatforms are also making a huge style statement. Super stylish and comfortable, you can flaunt them with formal as well as casual wear.

For all those who are skeptical of heels, flatforms can be your best friends. Source - urbanoutfitters
For all those who are skeptical of heels, flatforms can be your best friends.
Source – urbanoutfitters

4. Look for important features

Many times we forget to check the sole of the shoe. It is the sole that’ll make contact with ground, so make sure it is of a good material. It is advised to buy shoes which have groves, so that they’ll prevent you from falling or tripping. Feel the midsoles with your hand for cushioning and softness.

footwear trends 2017
Mules are the biggest trend of the season.
Perfect for casual wear!
Source – 2020AVE
  • The Wiggle Rule

“Don’t buy a shoe if you cannot wiggle your toes in it” – that’s the wiggle rule. Footwear experts say that if your toe is rounded or doesn’t have space to move in the shoe, don’t buy it.

oxfords for women
Shoes speak louder than words.
Source – freemansonlineq

5. Comfort over style always

We all want to look stylish, but not at the cost of comfort. People wear utterly uncomfortable shoes, but then at the end of the day it causes pain and discomfort.

wedge heels for women
When wedge heels look so stunning, you can let go of stilettos.

Whether it is heels or flats, ensure maximum comfort. Invest a little extra, especially in heels, but never compromise on comfort. Make sure the sole is padded, the straps are soft, and the heel is perfectly balanced.

Find out more about how sneakers are making a huge style statement.

Hoping these tips are useful and you’ll be able to make a smart choice on your next shopping spree. Stay connected with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram for more such tips and the latest in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

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