Scarves, scarves and more fashion scarves, Cuddle up your winters!

The weather is changing and the temperature is dropping. It’s that time of the year when the Christmas lights come out along with the fashion scarves in pretty colours and prints and styles. In my view, wearing a scarf transforms the look from pretty to fabulous without much effort. Just roll on and drape your fashionable scarves differently each time.

None of my outfits look as cute without a matching or random scarf. I find excuses to wear my fashionable scarves in hot weathers by simply matching them with a tank top or a sleeveless shirt. And now that the mercury is dipping, finding reasons to wear those scarves just got easier.

Scarves can be stylised by wearing them in different manners. The existing wardrobe can be funked up and the regular blues and blacks can come alive by simply throwing a scarf over them. This winter cuddle up your look with these fashionable scarves and stay bright.

Styling options : There are dime a dozen options to style your look with these fashion scarves. You can jazz up your outfits in numerous ways. The versatility of this fashionable accessory is what makes it so popular. You can team it up with jeans, trousers, dresses, skirts- everything. Treat it like your mascara for the finishing touch. Complete the look with a stunning footwear and you favorite shades. I love to wear them inside my jacket, over my V-neck pullover or a buttoned up cardigan. The printed scarves go with my bold, single colour pullovers whereas solid ones go with my designer jackets and printed dresses. I wrap them, tie them, knot them, fold them or simply wear them aroud my neck for a new style everyday.

fashion scarves
Striped wool scarf
Animal Print scarf
Solid pink scarf
fashion scarves
Tasselled scarf

Bold and intricate scarves have been popping up in stores and on runways over the last few seasons. If you want to stand out in the crowd and have a willingness to experiment, fashion scarves have to be your accessory of choice. So enjoy the weather and of course…Let’s expresso pretty and warm!

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