What to Say NO To This Summer


Even before one could realize, the summers have set in; that too with all its might. With the scorching sun outside, it is almost a mission to step out in the heat. What’s more? Even when the sun has set, it leaves behind all its warmth to make us uncomfortable. Just the mere thought of going out gives us jitters in such a condition, but we barely have any choice. Life does not permit us to sit back at home in order to escape the heat outside. We have no other option other than combating the summer on our own.

The biggest question which keeps bothering us is: “What to wear?” The biggest dilemma we face is when it comes to choosing between style and comfort. In their continuous tug-of-war, they make us go for the wrong choices, which either makes us compromise on our style quotient or sacrifice our basic comfort level. We often end up in a mess thinking which would be the right color to wear, what fabric material would suit our comfort, what kind of clothes to wear to different places. Often, we are told what to wear in summer, but how about having a sure shot list of what NOT to wear this season?

Well, to start with, let’s address the most crucial factor on which our comfort is based upon this hot season. That is the fabric of the dress we are wearing. Say a big NO to silk. Silk does not allow air to pass through it. Moreover it is not capable of absorbing heat from our body, making us sweat profusely. Think cotton or linen if you want comfort, or think spandex fibre or stretch fibre if you want style and comfort both. Spandex is lightweight and stretchable and dress material made out of it is quite stylish and comfortable. Velvet is another big no. Save any velvet dress for the winters.

Having said about the fabric, we can talk of the colors we can experiment with.  We all know that basic light colors are ideal for this season. Put aside any red, black, bright yellow or orange for the time being. Forget about wearing these as they absorb more heat and leave you sweating and uncomfortable. Try and stick to light and pastel and neutral shades unless you want others to feel the heat along with you! White is the best option one can go for.

Now that you have chucked out quite a few clothes out of your closet for this season, here are some more. These are the type of clothes you should NOT wear when the summer is at its peak. First and foremost bid farewell to all your bright colored pants. Yes, no wonder they are in fashion, but break up with them for a while. All the neon, red, bright blue, orange, etc. would only act as a source of utter discomfort for the one who is wearing it, and for the ones looking at it. Try spandex fibre leggings or lowers instead which come in subtle colors and provide you with relief. Next discard any cropped tops. There is no need to show off your belly this scorching season. Full sleeved tops are again to be rejected, until and unless they are totally made up of cotton and are highly comfortable.

Finally, stick to denims, they are never out of fashion, never too old to wear. If you are going for a revealing top such as a tank top, try teaming it up with jeans. Similarly, if you choose to wear a short skirt or hot pant, wear it with a top that is not revealing, a shrug or a casual shirt over a top would look perfect. The basic idea is not to be all revealing at one go, but balance the look. So, say a big no to shorts and a tank top together, for example, as they are not compatible with each other!  Keep it simple, keep it subtle, and keep it stylish this summer. It is not all that difficult; you just need to say “NO” to a few things!

About Author

Shalyn Bhatia is a fashion enthusiast and loves to read and write about fashion tips and ideas. She works for Inviya – top quality spandex yarn manufacturer, that is suitable for all kind of wearing such as intimate wear, active wear, swim wear, fashion wear etc.


  1. Hello Tanya,

    I have one question for you, can a men wear the spandex/cotton churidar with kurta/kurti as a casual wear replacing the jeans for more comfort?

    Thanks for advice

    1. Hey, fashion is a personal choice. But as far as I can see, cotton churidaars work great for men with kurtas. Haven’t come across a brand making spandex churidaar for men. So for the time being, stick to a cotton churidaar as a replacement for jeans. It looks wow on men.

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