Rishta by Arjun Saluja- Wills Lifestyle Autumn Winter’13 collection

Will lifestyle Autumn winter'13

Unless you pass through here
You will never reach the beyond
Free yourself from worldly bond
Doubtless clear, to you appear.

The “compatible union of male/female selves”, summed up the theme of Arjun Saluja at Wills Lifestyle Autumn Winter 13 collection. His chevron of androgyny found its way to ‘Aik’.

Wills Lifestyle Autumn Winter 13

Wills Lifestyle Autumn Winter 13

Wills Lifestyle Autumn Winter 13

Saluja’s search for One reality in ‘Aik’ is explored with the help of prints, motifs, beading and layering and is unified in clean and simple silhouettes. Arjun explores a technique which is defined and linear and employs the cube and square as his guides. Concealed zippers and buttons along with contrast linings on wool, cotton, self plaids, georgette and tweed silks outshine the entire collection.

The journey of Oneness and nothingness is clear in the print motifs and geometrical designs. Wills Lifestyle autumn winter collection by Arjun Saluja designer is his clear depiction of togetherness of male and the female selves.

Wills Lifestyle Autumn Winter 13

Wills Lifestyle Autumn Winter 13

Wills Lifestyle Autumn Winter 13

The following are his quick details:

Arjun Saluja Website: http://www.rishtabyarjun.com/

Arjun Saluja contact: His PR contact is Silver Monkey Communications- 011-46219921/22/23

Designs by Saluja spoke his theme, mood and his inspirations. The clothes depicted his true essence and the concoction of chosen colors, prints and styles were in true sync. The selected patterns and cuts and the designer’s edge- all brought his mind and matter to the forefront.

It’s always a pleasure to see collections doing different and doing it rightfully. A designer’s mind brings the best when left free to wander and free to create. Sometimes the best designs are the ones crafted in essence with the nature, with being with one’s own self and by creating amalgamations with the pure, the surreal and the true deep rooted truths. Saluja’s collection is not only the sum of all this but also with identity and a clear distinction. Let’s Expresso meaningful designs and depictions.


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